Turning 25 and plans for the blog

Yesterday was my 25th birthday! Happy birthday to me! (I’m starting to feel really old now!) I was totally spoilt for my birthday and I’m so grateful for all the wonderful gifts I received. Shout out to the boyfriend for the Kindle and to my best friend for my Minnie Mouse.

My main present this year was a sewing machine from my parents … Weird? I know right!

I’ve always been creative; I have a degree in Graphic Design, I make handmade greetings cards (which you’ll see more of soon), I love adult colouring books and just generally like to make things. I decided I wanted a new challenge, so I’m learning to sew and I’m going to write all about my sewing journey on this little space that I’ve made for myself. I’ll write about other things too …. I’m sure you’ll all here lots about my holiday to Disney World, the many adventures I go on around my hometown, Devon… and I also LOVE to bake so there will be lots of yummy recipes coming your way.

My Nan passed away a few weeks ago (don’t worry I wont bore you all with a sob story) but basically it happened really suddenly and it made me realise that life really is short so you should follow your dreams and do what you want because life can be taken from you so quickly…. So that’s the main reason that CharlotteShares became a thing.

So back to the sewing – I have no idea how to sew, I’ve literally never touched a sewing machine in my life until yesterday … I can now wind a bobbin, thread a needle, sew a straight line and sew a curve … Impressive right?! Well for me it is… Especially after only 1 day!

I bought the Janome 4400 from Hobbycraft – I’ve done a fair amount of research into the best sewing machine for beginners and this is the one that kept coming up. I was really impressed with the staff in Hobbycraft, they were so friendly and helpful in answering all my stupid non sewer questions. And even better its currently on offer at £99.00. I will post a full review on the machine once I’ve used it a bit more and let you know what I think.

Leave me your links below – I love reading what other people have to say 🙂

And in true Disney fashion – its never a goodbye but a ‘See Ya Real Soon!

Charlotte xx