5 Goals for June

I always like June … The weather is usually warmer (although it’s currently gale force winds and heavy rain outside, but that’s a minor detail!!) and there’s always high hopes for a hot and productive summer with lots of day trips and time spent with family.

These are my goals for June:

Have a BBQ 

It’s June and we still haven’t had a BBQ this year! This is definitely one that needs to be ticked off the list ASAP. Although I might need to wait for the gale force winds and rain to pass….

Find some good reads on my Kindle 

My wonderful boyfriend kindly bought me a kindle for my birthday and I LOVE it. My mission this month is to find some books to download that I can read on holiday next month. I love thrillers … so if you have any suggestions let me know!

Sort out my Disney World fast passes

In 8 days time I can start making my fast pass choices for Florida next month … The excitement levels are seriously high right now!! We have a list of which ones we want, so fingers crossed they’re all available.

Go out for dinner with Shaun 

On June 14th myself and Shaun will have been together for 2 years which is just crazy! I’m not even sure where the time has gone. To celebrate I’d really like to go out for a nice meal with him and spend some quality time together.


I’ve actually already starting doing this, I’ve sorted through all of my books and DVD’s and now have 2 huge boxes full of stuff to go to the charity shop. I’m hoping to buy a house at the end of this year/ early next year so the time seems right to start getting rid of all of my childhood/ teenage things that I no longer need.

What are your goals for June?

‘See ya real soon!

Charlotte xx


Handmade 60th birthday card

I’ve always been creative; as a child I loved anything arts and craftsie! When I was 12 I started making handmade cards (obviously they were terrible as I was so young). Last year my boyfriend asked me to make a wedding card for his brother as he knew I loved creative things. This completely re-sparked my love of card making and I’ve been getting so much enjoyment out of it.

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive the Gemini Die Cut Machine – what a little gem this machine is! This has completely changed my card designs and taken them to a whole new level. This machine cuts and embosses such intricate detail. The finish looks professional and like something you would actually want to receive.

Below is a 60th Birthday Card that someone requested me to make … They paid for it and everything! 😀

I love the colours and the simplicity. The typeface used is called Learning Curve and can be downloaded for FREE from dafont.com. I discovered this typeface when I was doing my Graphic Design degree and I use it for so much!

Over the coming weeks I’ll share lots more of my card designs.

‘See ya real soon!

Charlotte xx


Harry Potter Studio Tour

On Friday I was lucky enough to go to Harry Potter Studio Tours in London. I bought it as a present for the other half for his birthday back in February but we’ve only just got around to going! I’ve been before but Shaun had never been and he wanted to go before we venture to Florida in a few weeks time!

It just makes my heart so happy – the detail that goes into EVERYTHING is incredible! It’s so interesting to find out loads of facts about the making of the films and how all of the special affects work. I especially loved seeing the Hogwarts Express as this wasn’t there when I first went.

These are a selection of some of my favourite photos from the day!

How cool is this?! This is another bit that wasn’t there the first time I went. It looks incredible the way that the letters appear to be floating.

I had a fantastic day – I’m now feeling totally ready to take on Harry Potter at Universal/ Islands of Adventure in Florida!

‘See ya real soon!

Charlotte xx


My Disney World Favourites

Isn’t it funny how we all have favourite rides that we love at Disney World? I first went to Disney when I was 9 and have returned 7 times since then at various ages throughout my teenage years. But I swear its always the same favourite things I have! In this post I’ve written my top 3 rides for each of the parks.

I’ve also included my favourite quick service place for food for each park – I’ve never stayed onsite at Disney so we’ve never had the dining plan, we always try to go for something quick and easy that wont waste loads of time. I’m also quite fussy with my food so we always opt for ‘normal places’ – and believe it or not I HATE burgers so you can imagine the stress of trying to find food for me to eat! – I usually look like a chicken nugget by the time I return home!

Magic Kingdom

My top three rides: 

  • Splash Mountain
  • Space Mountain 
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Favourite quick service food: 

  • Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe  – I swear I’ve eaten here on every one of my 7 visits! It’s just became a habit!


My Top 3 rides

  • Soarin’
  • Test Track
  • Universe of Energy

Favourite quick service food: 

  • Lotus Blossom Cafe (China) – It’s all about the Orange Chicken, and its a great alternative to chips you get at most places!

Animal kingdom 

My Top 3 rides

  • Kali River Rapids
  • Expedition Everest
  • Dinosaur

Favourite Quick service food: 

  • Restaurantosaurus – Their Chicken Nuggets are THE BEST! 

Hollywood Studios

My top 3 rides

  • Toy Story Midway Mania
  • Walt Disney: One Mans Dream – Technically not a ride but I find this SO inspirational! 
  • The Great Movie Ride

Favourite Quick Service

  • ABC Commissary 

What are your favourite rides and places to eat at Disney, I’d love to hear 🙂

‘See ya real soon!

Charlotte xx


55 days to go – Walt Disney World countdown!

When we booked our holiday to Disney World it was about 390 days away which seemed like a life time!! We’re now down to just 55 days and it all feels so real! I’ve been to Disney before so I know what to expect and I cannot wait to return to my happy place.

This year I’m going with my parents, brother and my boyfriend. I’ve never been to Disney with my boyfriend before so I’m excited to be able to share such a magical trip with him. We’ve already made a rough plan of where we plan to go each day and we have a rough idea of which Fastpasses we want to get. We aren’t staying onsite so we have to wait until 30 days before to be able to sort out our Fastpasses – booo! 🙁

I’m super exited for the new Frozen ride at Epcot, and I cant wait to ride the classics such as Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain, but I think the thing I’m most excited for is watching the new Happily Ever After show at Magic Kingdom! I mean it looks incredible! I told myself I wasn’t going to watch it on the internet,  but ended up watching the whole thing from start to finish as it was so good.

What is your favourite thing to do/ see at Disney world? I’d love to hear about it!

‘See ya real soon!

Charlotte xx