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    Things are changing | Life Update

    I kind of vanished off the face of earth this last 6 weeks and to be honest, I’m not even sorry. So many bloggers write an opening line to a blog post and apologise for the fact they’ve been absent. Well, I’m not sorry because I’m human and I needed a break. We live in a world where we always feel the need to apologise and feel like we’re failing if we don’t show up every week. I don’t think I’ve failed. I think I’ve taken some time away for myself to have a much-needed think about what I want to do next. Various things have been going on behind the scenes which I’m very excited about and I’m excited to start making some changes.

    What’s been happening? 

    To cut a long story short I’m changing my hours at work. My work has agreed a 3 month trial of me working 5 days worth of hours over 4 days. I currently work Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the hours that I work but I really wanted to be able to have a day off in the week to solely focus on my blog, myself and creating a life that I want to have. Unfortunately, I’m not in a financial situation where I can go part-time. This is the next best thing to give me the day off that I want. Starting this week I’m going to be dropping a Thursday and working Monday-Wednesday 7.30am-5.30pm and Fridays 7.30am-5.00pm. The long days will take a bit of getting used to, but I’m used to getting up really early anyway so I’m hoping it won’t be too much of a shock!

    I really want to use Thursday’s productively to focus on myself and my future. My dream is to one day open my own business and I want to use my day off to focus on that. I’m a very crafty person and I just want to enjoy myself and experiment with lots of different things to see what I want to focus on.

    Things I want to try: 

    – I’m teaching myself to sew and I’d love to spend more time doing this

    – I have a degree in Graphic design and want to create some cool motivational prints

    – I enjoy card making and want to get stuck into that some more

    – I’m thinking of starting a YouTube Channel to document what I get up to on my day off. (Sort of like a studio vlog type of thing)

    – Get back into writing weekly blog posts as I’ve really missed it

    – I also plan to vlog my Disney World trip in May and will most likely use Thursday’s to edit these videos.

    I’m excited for this next chapter in my life and really hope that everything works out and my work will let me continue on past the 3-month trial!


    Charlotte xx


  • Motivation and Goals

    4 things to do this month for a positive year

    January is finally out of the way and boy did it seem like a long month! It wasn’t a bad month, or a good month, it was just pretty average. I’m not a big fan of this time of year. It’s cold and dark and spring seems like it’s a lifetime away. With that being said I want to make February a positive month and set myself up for the year ahead. Here are four things I want to do this month.

    1 – Clear out unwanted clothes

    Clearing out my wardrobe and getting rid of things that I no longer wear is one of my favourite things to do at this time of year. It’s nice to make a bit of room for some new spring pieces and it’s also a good way to discover old favourites that have ended up lost at the back of the wardrobe.

    2 – Clear out the kitchen cupboards 

    I can actually tick this one off of the list as I did it earlier. I think we all end up at a point where we have things in the kitchen cupboard that have gone out of date or ingredients that we bought to make one meal and have never used again. I got rid of everything like this and it’s so refreshing to see a tidy kitchen cupboard. Not only that, but I’m trying to cook new meals and try new things. This has freed up room for me to buy some new ingredients.

    3 – Create a healthy habit and stick to it 

    I don’t mean commit yourself to exercise 7 days a week for the rest of the year because that probably isn’t going to happen! But we can all make small healthy changes that we’re more likely to stick to. The one I focus on is drinking water. I’m actually pretty good and drink 2 litres of water a day. So for me, I’m trying to up this to around 3 litres of water a day and cut out the odd fizzy drinks that I sometimes have. Another healthy habit you could try is to find a substitute. So if for example, you eat a lot of crisps, maybe try and replace some of them with popcorn which is slightly healthier. Or you could replace full-fat Coke with Coke Zero. Sometimes it’s lots of small changes that can have a positive effect on us.

    4 – Make some plans 

    It’s always nice to have something to look forward to. This time of year can be a bit of a drag trying to get to summer. Try and make some plans for the year ahead so that you have positive things to look forward to. This could be as simple as arranging a meal out with a group of friends, booking tickets for a concert or if you want something a little more extravagant then why not book a holiday!

    Do you have anything that you hope to do this month? Let me know in the comments below. 

    Charlotte xx


  • All things Disney

    How I save for Disney World

    Disney World. The most magical place on earth; also one of the most expensive places on earth! Over the years I’ve learnt that Disney magic definitely comes at a price! My trip this year will be my 9th visit to Disney World. Of course, many of the trips I didn’t pay for as I was a child. However the last few I have paid for so I thought I would share my tips on how I save money to pay for Disney World.

    Have two savings accounts 

    Having two savings accounts makes it easier to distinguish what money can be used for holidays. I have one savings account that I transfer a certain amount of money to each month. This is used for general life things such as car MOT’s and buying a new hoover when one breaks. The second savings account I use as a holiday fund. Each month I’ll try and transfer some money into this account. Knowing that the account is to pay for holidays stops me from dipping into it to pay for other things.

    Get a money savings jar 

    Money saving jars that you can’t get into unless you smash it open are an amazing way to save money. Myself and Shaun have a cute Disney themed one that we put any 50p coins and £2.00 coins in. We don’t smash it open until its full and then we use the money for spending money for our holiday. Last time we smashed one open it had about £600 inside. It’s amazing how it adds up!

    Don’t make unnecessary purchases 

    A prime example of this is buying lunch at work. I NEVER buy lunch at work. Each night I make myself a packed lunch and have that as it’s much cheaper than constantly buying. An average meal deal usually costs around £3.50. If you buy that five times a week that’s £17.50 and over a month that comes to £70.00! Over a 12 month period that’s £840 that you could put towards a Disney holiday. Think before you buy!

    Use loyalty cards 

    Places such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s have points cards that you can build up points and use it to pay towards your food shopping. These points can build up pretty quickly if you’re always shopping in the same place. You’ll eventually get to the point where you have enough points to pay for half or all of your food shop for the week. The money that you save from paying for your shop via points can then be put into a savings account to go towards your holiday.

    Do you have any tips on saving to go to Disney World? If you do then leave them in the comments below. 



  • All things Disney

    Disney World through the years

    I’m totally in Disney countdown mode now. I’m spending all of my free time watching Disney vlogs and getting myself hyped up for my trip in May. This will be my 9th visit to Disney World. My first trip was in October 2001 when I was 9 years old with my latest trip being July 2017. I recently started clearing out my laptop to free up some space and came across so many Disney Photographs. I thought I would make today’s post a light-hearted and fun one and take a trip down memory lane. So sit back and enjoy!

    I feel so blessed that I’ve been to my favourite place in the world with my parents and brother, both sets of grandparents, my best friend and my boyfriend. I’ve created the most amazing memories over the years and I’m excited to go and back in May and create even more memories!

    Hope you enjoyed!

    Charlotte xx

  • Motivation and Goals

    2019 – The year of change

    There’s nothing I love more than a fresh start and a clean slate. Getting a new calendar and seeing that you have 365 days ahead of you to do what you want with them is a bliss feeling. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting about where I am in life. If I’m being honest, I’m actually very happy with my life right now. I’m 26, I’m a homeowner and I have a job that doesn’t make me miserable. I’m in a very happy relationship and I’m surrounded by wonderful family and friends. But with that being said, there’s anything wrong with change. Sometimes you need to change things up to move forward and progress. I thought I would share some of the things that I want to change this year.

    Stop being so lazy 

    I’m actually a very productive person on the whole, but I find after a day at work I’m always really tired when I get home. I get up at 6am every day for work and I usually get home from work around 5pm. Once I’ve had dinner and done any chores all I ever do is sit on the sofa and watch the TV until I go to bed. This HAS to change. As many of you know I’m really into arts and crafts and would love to open my own business. I need to start being more productive during my evenings to make me dream a reality! I’m thinking of setting aside a couple of evenings a week to spend in my craft room getting some projects done.

    Live a healthier lifestyle 

    I never really exercise. Unless you count walking for 20 minutes a day from my car to work?! I know that I need to lose a bit of weight but instead of going on some stupid diet which I’ll never stick to I just want to try and live a healthier lifestyle. Last year I started drinking 2 litres of water a day and this year I’m going to try and up that to 3 litres a day. I’m also trying to cook more meals from scratch and eat out less. I hate the gym so I definitely won’t be joining one but I’m going to try and work out at home at least 3 times a week.

    Make more time for friends 

    I feel like I hardly ever see my friends. We’re all busy with full-time jobs and life just gets in the way. I want to make more of a conscious effort this year to try and meet up with my closest friend every couple of weeks. We love spending time together and definitely need to make more of an effort to fit it in.

    Make date night a priority 

    Shaun and I have been together for 3 and a half years now. At the start of our relationship, we used to have ‘date night’ most weeks and I really miss it. We live together and also work together! (I know right, we must be crazy?!). Things have just become very ‘normal’ as we go about our day to day lives of getting things done. I miss going bowling, and going for walks along the beach and games nights! I definitely need date night back in my life!

    I’m excited for 2019 and I have so much to look forward to. I’m hoping that making some changes to my life will make 2019 my best year yet. Are you making any changes this year? Let me know below.

    Charlotte xx