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  • Homeowner Diaries

    Becoming a homeowner!

    Yep, I did it! After years of saving, we signed the contracts, handed over a tonne of money to the solicitors and we’re officially homeowners!! 😀 It’s been an absolute whirlwind of a process, my stress levels have been through the roof but I’ve done it. And I’m damn proud of myself and Shaun.

    The hard work is just beginning 

    I would love to say that we’re moving into the house straight away and beginning our independent life together, but sadly that isn’t the case. The house we’ve bought probably hasn’t been decorated for about 30 years. So imagine bright flowery carpets and wallpaper … That’s its current state! As much as I love a good flower it’s definitely in need of a lot of renovation.


    We’ve already begun planning all of the work that we will be carrying out. It’s in need of re-wiring, plastering, new bathroom and kitchen and the whole place needs decorating. We’re also hoping to drop the curb out the front and make our front garden into a driveway. We have a rough budget in mind and now we need to try and stick to that. The other day I started making a spreadsheet of all of our expenditure and I felt like such a grownup haha.

    Homeowner blog posts

    I’m really excited to share and document this process on my blog. Expect to see lots of before and after pictures, design style and homeware hauls. If there are any other homeowner blog posts you like to see then let me know in the comments! I was thinking of doing a post in the next few weeks about dealing with solicitors as they’re the most stressful people I’ve ever come across in my life.

    I’m excited to share this new chapter of my life and hope you enjoy reading along! If anyone has any tips on renovating a property then please leave them in the comments below.

    Charlotte xx

  • All things Disney Homeowner Diaries

    Disney Homeware Haul

    Guys! I’m officially a homeowner 😀 We picked up the keys yesterday and I’m honestly so excited!! The house is a huge project and it’s going to be months of renovation before we can actually move in. So be prepared for lots of update posts!

    Naturally being the creative person I am; I’ve been planning for months and months how I want to decorate the house. Being the Disney lover I am, of course, I want some subtle Disney bits of homeware to add a little magic to the house! I’ve been collecting bits and pieces over the last year that I’ve seen and thought I would share these with you today!

    Disney Traditions, Mickey and Minnie Rainy Day Romance (above)

    I absolutely love the Disney Traditions ornaments. I actually asked my brother to get me this one for Christmas and I love it. I think this will look super cute on a bookshelf or on a mantlepiece. I have a few different Disney Traditions Ornaments that I’ve bought over the years and I think they will be perfect to add a little Disney to my house.

    The Disney Dreams Collection 2018 Calendar 

    The Disney Dreams 2018 calendar

    I’ve seen lots of fellow Disney Bloggers with this calendar and I get why as it’s absolutely beautiful. Shaun’s mum bought us this for Christmas and it’s going to look perfect hanging on our kitchen wall. Disney Art is always so stunning and I can’t wait to have this on display in my house.

    Disney Cath Kidston Cushion 

    Disney Cath Kidston cushion

    I love the fact that Cath Kidston now do Disney Ranges, it genuinely makes my heart happy! I fell in love with this cushion when I found it. It’s the perfect colour to match in with the colours of our living room and I know it’ll look amazing on the sofa.

    Disney Cath Kidston Mugs 

    Disey Cath kidston mug set

    I’ve actually collected lots of Disney Mugs from the various Cath Kidston ranges that have been available. I’m saving them all up to use in my new house. My dad bought me this set for Christmas and they’re super cute. I can’t wait to put them on the mug tree in our kitchen. If you’re going to drink tea you may as well drink it from a Disney mug 😀

    I hope you enjoyed seeing the Disney bits that I’ve picked up for my house. I have other bits too so I may do some more homeware hauls like this soon!

    Charlotte xx

    Disney Homeware Haul - Pinterest image

  • Motivation and Goals

    My 5 winter essentials to make you feel good

    As much as it pains me to say it, it’s still very much the Winter here in the UK. It’s cold and dark, the days are gloomy and spring seems like it’s forever away. I’m not a fan of this time of year and I’m longing for the spring days to arrive. Despite the cold miserable days, there are steps that we can take to make the winter months more enjoyable! These are my 5 winter essentials to make you feel good!

    A hot bath and candles 

    One of my favourite things to do during the winter months is to run a hot bath, light some candles and relax. After a long day at work, nothing beats sinking into a hot bath and having time to chill out and unwind. I’m currently loving using Lush bubbles bars as I received lots of them for Christmas.

    A blanket and a hot water bottle 

    It’s so cold at the moment, and despite the fact the heating is turned on, the house still feels cold! After relaxing in a hot bath I like to snuggle on the sofa under a blanket with a hot water bottle. Sometimes I even make a hot chocolate as well!

    Warm, hearty foods 

    Homecooked dinners such as casseroles, chilli, roast dinners and cottage pie are a must during the winter months. When I step through the door after work I like to know I’m having a nice warm meal to heat me up after being out in the cold.

    Products to hydrate your skin 

    On the whole, my skin is usually quite oily, but this winter it’s really dried out with the cold weather. Nothing makes me feel worse than having dry and sore skin. This winter I’ve really been loving the Simple, Hydrating Gel Cream as well as the Origins, Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. These products have worked wonders for keeping my skin feeling healthy and hydrated.

    A good TV series to watch 

    There’s nothing nicer than settling down for the evening on a cold winters night and watching a TV series. I’m currently watching Lost as I’ve never seen it before. I’m also watching Riverdale and How To Get Away With Murder. This is my favourite way to chill out and relax during the evening.

    What are your 5 winter essentials? 

    Charlotte xx

    My 5 winter essentials - pinterest graphic

  • All things Disney

    Disney memories that last a lifetime

    Do you remember the days when you would go on holiday and take a film camera? And when you returned there was always so much excitement about getting the film developed and seeing all of those memories printed in front of you. I genuinely miss these days! Nowadays it’s all about the digital camera. I always return from my holiday and load them onto my computer and do NOTHING with them.

    I was so excited when Printiki recently contacted me about trying their printing service. Last year I went to Disney World with my family and Shaun and I still hadn’t printed any of the photos. This was the perfect opportunity for me to print out a load of photos and actually bring my memories to life.

    I’ve always been creative and love to make things. After looking through Pinterest and also Printiki’s Instagram for inspiration I decided that I wanted to make a scrapbook full of my memories. It’s actually Shaun’s birthday today, so I’ve made the scrapbook to give to him as a birthday present 🙂

    Disney scrapbook

    I opted for the square print photo’s from Printiki and I LOVE them. I’ve always been a sucker for square photographs, they’re just so much nicer than rectangle haha. When I was in Disney World years ago I bought this scrapbook but never actually used it. It has lots of Disney print pages as well as stickers and cutouts. This has been perfect for creating my scrapbook.

    If anyone else is interested in using Printiki then you can get free delivery by using this code DNUNY9SJ 😀 It’s honestly one of the easiest printing services that I’ve ever used. The delivery is super quick and the quality is fab!

    I guess all I have left to say is Happy Birthday Shaun! Hope you like the scrapbook 🙂

    Charlotte xx

    Disney Memories that last a lifetiime

  • All things Disney

    Disney World trip Day 4 – Typhoon Lagoon & Disney Springs

    Day 4 – Typhoon Lagoon and Disney Springs!

    After 3 very busy days, we needed a rest day to relax and unwind before heading to the Magic Kingdom for day 5! The perfect way to do this was to head to a waterpark as it doesn’t involve so much walking around. We headed to Typhoon Lagoon for the day. The park doesn’t actually open until 10am meaning we could have a lie in which was fab. We arrived at the park when it opened and stayed until about 4pm.

    What we got up to 

    My first stop at Typhoon Lagoon is always the lazy river, it’s pure bliss just floating around in the lovely Florida sunshine! After some time relaxing in the lazy river we headed to Miss Adventure Falls which is relatively new so I was excited to try it out! We then headed for the Crush N Gusher which is probably my favourite ride at Typhoon Lagoon. I spent a lot of time in the pool, I like to sit on the edge of it and just enjoy the sunshine 😀 We also went on the Storm Slides and then spend loads more time floating around the lazy river!

    What we ate 

    We went to Leaning Palms for lunch which is where we’ve always eaten at Typhoon Lagoon. They serve your classic food such as burgers, sandwiches, wraps, chicken nuggets etc. I opted for chicken nuggets because nothing beats a Disney chicken nugget! 😀 We also purchased the refillable drinks to keep us going throughout the day.

    Disney Springs 

    Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs

    In the evening we headed to Disney Springs which I was super excited for. When I visited Disney in 2015 it was being renovated from what used to be Downtown Disney so I was really excited to see how different it was. I have to say they’ve done a damn good job! The place looks amazing and there’s so much to see and do. We had a mosey around the shops before heading to our dinner reservation at Planet Hollywood. I’ve been to Planet Hollywood before but it’s actually changed quite a lot and I was really impressed. The food was lovely and the lady serving us was fab!

    Hope you enjoyed, see you shortly for day 5!

    Charlotte xx