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Motivation and Goals

  • Motivation and Goals

    My 5 year bucket list

    In 5 years i’ll be 30 which is honestly terrifying! I swear I actually only just left school, I still remember picking up my GCSE results, but in reality that was 9 years ago!!! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that thought.

    Since turning 25 a couple of months ago, I’ve realised that there’s so much I want to achieve and do. I suddenly seem to be full of motivation and ideas. So I thought I would write a 5 year bucket list – and in 5 years I can look back and see if I’ve actually achieved anything. (Although I probably wont remember to look back in 5 years, but that’s a minor detail haha)

    So here’s my list: 

    • Buy a house – This should hopefully be happening later this year or early next year.
    • Open my own Etsy shop – I LOVE creating things and I sell work to family and friends, but I’d really love to take the plunge and open my own little shop.
    • Continue to grow this blog – I’m new to the blogging world, it’s something i’ve wanted to do for years but never had the confidence. Now I’m up and running I really want to make something of this and create a space that I’m proud of.
    • Find a day job that I actually enjoy. My current job makes me so miserable, so I’d love to find a new challenge for myself that I get some enjoyment out of.
    • Learn to sew – I received a sewing machine for my birthday and I really want to be able to properly sew. (I’m currently fairly terrible at it)
    • Get married! Let’s be honest, this is something most girls want by the age of 30.
    • Have a child – SCARY!! But I’ve always said that I would like to have my first child by the age of 30.
    • Go on holiday to somewhere new – I’ve always fancied Greece or Portugal so I’ll have to venture to one of these.
    • Have my own craft room in my house so I can keep doing what I love.

    I’m excited to see what the next 5 years bring, but hopefully it’ll be really exciting!

    What would you like to achieve?

    ‘See ya real soon!

    Charlotte xx


  • Motivation and Goals

    My goals for July

    I’m pretty sure I only just wrote one of these sharing my goals for June, but somehow it’s July already! July is going to be a very busy month for me as I’m off on holiday. These are my goals for the month:

    Watch lots of Disney movies 

    I’m off to Disney World on July 14th, so of course, to get me in the spirit I need to watch lots of Disney Movies. As I’m writitng this I’ve just finished watching Big Hero 6 and I absolutely loved it.

    Have a pedicure 

    You can’t go on holiday without having your toe nails painted! I’ve booked in to the spa at Darts Farm in Exeter to have a luxury pedicure with my mum. I’ve never been to Darts Farm before for a treatment so I’m intrigued to see how it turns out.

    Schedule, schedule, schedule 

    I’m determined to still have a couple of blog posts go up while I’m on holiday; I’m going to try and get a few scheduled in over the next couple of weeks. I also need to sort out scheduling tweets for while I’m away.

    Have the most amazing holiday ever 

    The first six months of this year have been crap! I lost my Nan and my life seems so incomplete without her. I’ve also taken my fair share of crap on the internet from a very nasty girl who seems to strongly dislike me even though she doesn’t know me! I’m so ready to stop being an adult for 2 weeks and go and have the most amazing time ever. I’m going with my parents, brother and boyfriend and I truly plan to have the most magical time 🙂

    ‘See ya real soon!

    Charlotte xx

  • Motivation and Goals

    Ask yourself the question – ‘What do I want?!’

    I’ve recently been reading ‘Ice Cream for Breakfast’ by Laura Jane Williams – It’s bloody brilliant and I’d definitely recommend it. One chapter particularly stood out to me – Chapter 5 – All about making choices and decisions. A basic overview is that it talks about how children just say what they want and maybe adults should be more like this too. Children give straight up decisions and if they don’t like something then they let you know.

    This really got me thinking about ‘What do I want?’ – but it’s all about being realistic – Obviously we would all like to win the lottery and not have to work anymore; realistically that isn’t going to happen.

    So here’s my REALISTIC list of what I want:

    • More sleep
    • My own house – living at home with your parents at the age of 25 is seriously annoying when you’re in a committed relationship … But house prices!
    • To not be the friend that has to make all the plans
    • More time to see my friends
    • Praise for the job I do every day at work – I work my arse off and never get any recognition
    • More time in the day to do what I enjoy doing
    • To be listened to when I rant (to be fair Shaun is pretty good at this)
    • To make my Nan proud and keep making cards – she was my biggest supporter and now she’s gone

    I’d love to hear what you guys want in the comments below 🙂

    ‘See ya real soon!

    Charlotte xx



  • Motivation and Goals

    5 Goals for June

    I always like June … The weather is usually warmer (although it’s currently gale force winds and heavy rain outside, but that’s a minor detail!!) and there’s always high hopes for a hot and productive summer with lots of day trips and time spent with family.

    These are my goals for June:

    Have a BBQ 

    It’s June and we still haven’t had a BBQ this year! This is definitely one that needs to be ticked off the list ASAP. Although I might need to wait for the gale force winds and rain to pass….

    Find some good reads on my Kindle 

    My wonderful boyfriend kindly bought me a kindle for my birthday and I LOVE it. My mission this month is to find some books to download that I can read on holiday next month. I love thrillers … so if you have any suggestions let me know!

    Sort out my Disney World fast passes

    In 8 days time I can start making my fast pass choices for Florida next month … The excitement levels are seriously high right now!! We have a list of which ones we want, so fingers crossed they’re all available.

    Go out for dinner with Shaun 

    On June 14th myself and Shaun will have been together for 2 years which is just crazy! I’m not even sure where the time has gone. To celebrate I’d really like to go out for a nice meal with him and spend some quality time together.


    I’ve actually already starting doing this, I’ve sorted through all of my books and DVD’s and now have 2 huge boxes full of stuff to go to the charity shop. I’m hoping to buy a house at the end of this year/ early next year so the time seems right to start getting rid of all of my childhood/ teenage things that I no longer need.

    What are your goals for June?

    ‘See ya real soon!

    Charlotte xx