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    Creating a schedule to fit your lifestyle

    On June 14th, I packed my life up into boxes and moved out of my parent’s house and into my own house with Shaun. My mum is a very organised person and she’s always told me that having a schedule is so important and that it makes things easier. I can confirm she is 100% right!

    I’ve always been a bit of an organised freak anyway. To-do lists are like my best friend and I always have to know what I’m doing when. Since moving out; I’ve loved having the freedom to create a schedule that works for me. Although I still had some control when I was at my parent’s house; I obviously had to fit in around my parent’s schedule. 

    I know so many people that live a bit of an all over the place lifestyle (which is fine if that’s what they like, but it’s not for me). The amount of times I hear people say that they have no food in the house … and I’m sat there thinking well I always do my food shop on a Monday night so I don’t have that problem.

    How to make a schedule that works for you

    • Start off by writing a list of things you NEED to do each week – For example: Clean the bathroom, hoover, dust, do the washing, ironing, food shop and any commitments such as an exercise class you take each week. 
    • Then write a list of things you LIKE to do each week – For example: Go swimming, go to the gym, visit a friend, work on a hobby etc. 
    • Then write down the hours that you work. For me, this is easy as I know I work Monday-Friday 9-5 every week and this never changes. This makes it easy for me to put a relatively set schedule in place that never really changes between weeks. Obviously, if you work different shifts you can take each week at a time to make a schedule that works for that week. 

    Now that you have it all wrote down in front of you it’s easier to plan it into the week. This is where you really need to think about your lifestyle and what you want. Personally, I don’t like to have lots of chores to do at the weekend and prefer to do them in the evenings. I also prefer to get the boring stuff done at the start of the week so that when it gets to Thursday/Friday night I can chill out a little more. 

    An example of my weekly schedule

    • Monday evening – Food shop 
    • Tuesday evening – Clothes wash, hoover, clean bathroom, clean kitchen, mop the floors and dust. 
    • Wednesday evening – Do the ironing and do some form of exercise. 
    • Thursday evening – My Thursday evenings are usually relatively free. You’ll often find me making cards or working on my blog. 
    • Friday evening – This is always the night that me and Shaun spend some quality time together. It usually consists of cooking a nice meal and a movie night or sometimes we get a takeaway. 
    • Saturday – Wash bedding/ towels and do a clothes wash. The rest of the day is free to do what we want.  
    • Sunday – Ironing, exercise and write a meal plan for the week ahead. The rest of the day is free to do what we want. 

    Of course; some weeks something will crop up, or we’ll be out on the night that we usually do all of the chores meaning we just switch the days around a little. A schedule is never set in stone and you can change things around if you need to. But I’ve found that having a rough schedule in place keeps us on top of everything…. and we’re never those people that have no food left in the house haha. 

    Hope you found this helpful!

    Charlotte xx 

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    How I figured out what I wanted to do with my life

    Figuring out what you want to do with life is hard. Heck, some of us probably never figure it out and that’s totally fine. As long as we’re happy then that’s the main thing. 

    I remember 5-year-old Charlotte wanted to be a ballerina, then I wanted to become a doctor, then I wanted to be an astronaut, then I wanted to be a baker and the list went on. 

    Up until a couple of months ago, I was working a job that made me 100% miserable. I was in a call centre talking to rude people day in day out and I often came home in floods of tears and dreaded going to work every day. I knew this wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I needed a change as my mental health was being affected. I have a degree in Graphic Design but it’s a pretty high-pressure environment to work in which isn’t what I wanted. I’ve always loved Graphics since I was at school but it’s something I love to do in my spare time and I’ve never really seen myself working as a graphic designer for a large company.  

    For a couple of years, I’ve been trying to figure out what I should be doing with my life and it’s been hard. I found I really needed to strip everything back to basics and write down lists to help me get some sense of what I wanted. I started off by writing down a list of the 5 things that are most important to me currently.

    5 most important things to me 

    • To live a stress-free life (which my job wasn’t allowing) 
    • To be happy 
    • To enjoy what I’m doing 
    • To be healthy 
    • To be loved and appreciated

    I then took a step back and looked at the situation I was in. I hated my job which made me stressed which in turn made me unhappy and I certainly wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. My health was being affected due to all of this. The only thing I really felt was loved by my family and friends. 

    Next up I started thinking about my childhood. I was always a very happy child that was full of confidence and I thought I could conquer the world. Anything I set my mind to I could do. I had a positive attitude and was always so cheerful and bubbly. 

    5 things I enjoyed doing as a child 

    • Inventing things
    • Painting 
    • Making cards 
    • Swimming 
    • Baking and cooking 

    It was reflecting back on my childhood that was really the lightbulb moment to me. I was creative. I was always making things and coming up with new ideas. Everything was very hands on, I used to help my mum cook dinner and bake cakes with my grandad. The main thing though was card making. My dad and I would sit for hours and hours on end and make cards together and that’s honestly one of my fondest memories from my childhood. Creativity is obviously very linked in with my degree and this is what I’d been missing. Being creative.

    Taking action 

    • The first thing I needed was a stress-free job. This was the most important thing to me. I needed to get away from the job I was working. A job came up in the same company I was at but in a different department which was far less stressful. I applied and got the job. This meant taking a pay cut but money honestly doesn’t buy you happiness. You can read more about this here
    • I started making things again. I dug out all of my old card making supplies and also bought some new ones. I started making cards and being creative again. I even started watching crafty YouTube videos to help learn new skills and techniques which I’ve been practising. 
    • I got back into cooking and trying new recipes. I even write a meal plan every Sunday for the week ahead and I’ve been loving trying to cook new things. 
    • I began making more of an effort to see my friends and go out and do things. Removing my negative job helped with this as I had more energy in the evenings to actually go out and be social. 

    My mum once said to me: 

    “Some people live to work and other people work to live”

    I work to live. I’m not the sort of person that needs a high flying job with multiple promotions and lots of pressure. I go to work to earn money so that I can pay to live… And I want to spend my life outside of work doing things that make me happy and bring me joy. 

    Now I’m not saying that I love my new job. It’s kind of boring, but it’s stress free and easy and it allows me to pay for what I need and it also means in my spare time I have energy to do things that I love like card making. 

    My long-term goal would definitely be to make a decent amount of money from my card making so that I could reduce my hours at work. But that’s my long-term goal and I have plenty of time to get there. 

    As I’m writing this (August 2018) I honestly feel so happy and content. I feel like I have purpose and I know what I want to do. I’m taking each day as it comes and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

    Sorry for how long this post was! Hope you enjoyed and found it somewhat helpful. 

    Charlotte xx 

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    Turning 26!

    On May 14th I turned 26! I kinda feel old but at the same time, for the first time in a long time, I feel as though I have my life together! I remember when I was about 16 and I had my life mapped out… I would be married by the age of 22 and have kids by the age of 24. How wrong was I?! Haha.

    I had the day off of work for my birthday and I actually spent it tile and floor shopping. What a way to spend your birthday! My life in honestly so busy at the moment and any spare moment I have is spent sorting things out for the house.


    I did still spend some time celebrating my birthday though. On 12th May myself and Shaun caught the train to London for the day to see Aladdin. We arrived at lunch time and went for a meal at TGI Friday’s which was amazing and then we headed over to the theatre to watch Aladdin. I absolutely love going to the West End and Aladdin was incredible! I especially loved the bit with the magic carpet. I’m sure you’re all well aware of my love for Disney, so this was the perfect way to spend my birthday!

    Aladdin at the West End


    I always love being nosey and hearing what other people received for their birthday so I thought I would add this to the post. My main present this year was a new camera. I wanted a camera that’s smaller than my DSLR but still takes great quality pictures. I opted for the Canon EOS M10 and I LOVE it. It’s the perfect size to carry around and I’m really pleased with the quality of the images. I also received some money which I’ll be spending on the house and a voucher to a local spa which I can’t wait to use. Of course, I also got The Greatest Showman on DVD as it’s basically the best film ever 😀


    I’m really excited for the next year and it really feels like I’m starting a new chapter of my life. I’ve just started a new job which I’m really enjoying and I’m about to move into my first home with Shaun. There are so many exciting things happening at the moment. I’m jetting off to Majorca on 30th June for a week of relaxation and then I’m excited about the little things like my first Christmas with Shaun in our own home! Also, let’s not forget that I also have a trip to Disney World booked for next year and I’m SO EXCITED for it.

    Thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday and a big thank you to Shaun, my friends and my family for making my birthday a good one!

    Charlotte xx



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    A look back at my 2018 goals and plans

    Somehow we’re already halfway through May?! I’m not really sure what has happened to this year but it’s absolutely flown by. We’re approaching the middle of the year so I thought it would be a good idea to look back at the goals that I set for the year and see how I’m getting on. You can read the full post here of my goals and plans for 2018.


    I’m almost there!! We’re still renovating the place but we’re due to be moving in on June 14th. We still have a lot of work to do in the few weeks we have left though. June 14th will also be mine and Shaun’s 3 year anniversary so it’ll be pretty cool to move in on that date.


    To be honest this has taken a bit of a back seat the last few months. All of my spare time is spent at the house doing work so I haven’t had any spare time. However, with that being said, I’m having a ‘craft room’ in our house so once I’m all settled in I’ll have all the time in the world to do craft projects.


    This kind of follows on from the above comments. It’s taken a back seat because of the house but it’s still something I really want to do. This may have to wait until 2019 though so I have more time to plan and create things.


    I’m so happy to say that I finally have a new job. I absolutely hated the job that I’ve been doing for the last 3 years. I actually only started my new job a couple of weeks ago so it’s all fairly new but I’m getting on really well. I’m still working for the same company as before but I’ve moved to a new department which is a lot less stressful than my old role.


    This has come hand in hand with me starting my new job. I honestly feel like the biggest weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I feel a million times happier. It’s so nice being able to wake up and not dread going into work… And it’s nice to get home from work and not feel completely drained.

    I feel like 2018 has been a very good year for me so far and I honestly think it’s going to keep getting better. I’m so excited to move into our house in a few weeks and then I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

    How are your plans and goals going so far in 2018? 

    Charlotte xx


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    When there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel

    I feel like my life has been a big spiral of craziness recently… and I finally feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel and it’s honestly the best feeling in the world.

    I just want you to all know that if you’re struggling and things seem hard they WILL get better. It might seem like you’re stuck in a black hole and you’re never going to get out of it but you will. 

    For the past 12-18 months, I’ve been struggling so much! I’ve been suffering horrendously with anxiety and my mental health has been all over the place. I’ve mentioned before that my job was making me really anxious and miserable but now I finally have a new job which you can read about here. Since finding out I’ve secured myself a job in a less stressful department I’ve felt like a different person. I can feel the old Charlotte coming back and it’s such a good feeling.

    The number of times that I’ve sat with Shaun with tears streaming down my face and I’ve said ‘I feel like this is all my life is now and I’m never going to be happy again’.

    He kept telling me I was being silly and things would eventually get better, but I felt so trapped in my black hole that I couldn’t see it for myself…. and being stuck in that place is such an awful feeling.

    What I’m looking forward to 

    It’s weird that I’ve gone from feeling so unhappy and upset to being on top of the world. I kind of forgot what it felt like to feel happy and content… But now I have SO much to look forward to!

    • It’s my birthday in May and Me and Shaun are heading to London to watch Aladdin on the West End
    • I’m getting a new camera for my birthday which I can use for blogging and I can’t wait for it!
    • We’re still renovating our house and we’re hoping to move in during June 😀
    • I’m jetting off to Majorca on 30th June with Shaun for a week of pure relaxation
    • I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD IN 2019!!! A lot of you probably know the free Disney Dining plan has been released for 2019. Me and Shaun very spontaneously decided we’re going to go May next year for my birthday 😀 We’ve booked to stay in Port Orleans Riverside and it’s going to be such a magical trip.

    I guess the point of this post really is to let you all know that things will eventually get better even if you don’t think they will. Remember you are never alone, there are always people that will listen and help.

    Charlotte xx