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    Disney World trip Day 4 – Typhoon Lagoon & Disney Springs

    Day 4 – Typhoon Lagoon and Disney Springs!

    After 3 very busy days, we needed a rest day to relax and unwind before heading to the Magic Kingdom for day 5! The perfect way to do this was to head to a waterpark as it doesn’t involve so much walking around. We headed to Typhoon Lagoon for the day. The park doesn’t actually open until 10am meaning we could have a lie in which was fab. We arrived at the park when it opened and stayed until about 4pm.

    What we got up to 

    My first stop at Typhoon Lagoon is always the lazy river, it’s pure bliss just floating around in the lovely Florida sunshine! After some time relaxing in the lazy river we headed to Miss Adventure Falls which is relatively new so I was excited to try it out! We then headed for the Crush N Gusher which is probably my favourite ride at Typhoon Lagoon. I spent a lot of time in the pool, I like to sit on the edge of it and just enjoy the sunshine ūüėÄ We also went on the Storm Slides and then spend loads more time floating around the lazy river!

    What we ate 

    We went to Leaning Palms for lunch which is where we’ve always eaten at Typhoon Lagoon. They serve your classic food such as burgers, sandwiches, wraps, chicken nuggets etc. I opted for chicken nuggets because nothing beats a Disney chicken nugget! ūüėÄ We also purchased the refillable drinks to keep us going throughout the day.

    Disney Springs 

    Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs

    In the evening we headed to Disney Springs which I was super excited for. When I visited Disney in 2015 it was being renovated from what used to be Downtown Disney so I was really excited to see how different it was. I have to say they’ve done a damn good job! The place looks amazing and there’s so much to see and do. We had a mosey around the shops before heading to our dinner reservation at Planet Hollywood. I’ve been to Planet Hollywood before but it’s actually changed quite a lot and I was really impressed. The food was lovely and the lady serving us was fab!

    Hope you enjoyed, see you shortly for day 5!

    Charlotte xx

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    Disney World trip – Day 3 – Universal Studios!

    I’m literally failing miserably at getting up all of my posts from My Disney World Trip that I took in July 2017! So far I’ve managed to post day 1 and day 2 so I have a long way to go haha. But I’m determined to get cracking with it and get it sorted! I usually post twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays, but I may do some extra posts to get these Disney posts done!

    Day 3 РUniversal Studios 

    Technically not Disney, but I still want to include it in my Disney series haha! On day 3 we headed to Universal Studios. We like to try and split up the days so we get a real mix of Disney and non-Disney parks. We managed a slight lay in this morning – like a whole 30 minutes extra in bed which was lush! I’ve always loved Universal Studios and was feeling really excited about all the Harry Potter bits.

    Diagon Alley at universal Studios

    What we got up to 

    We arrived at the park for opening, it’s such a great way to blitz the popular rides before the big queues. First up we went to Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit – My family are all massive wimps so Shaun was on his own for this one. We then headed straight across to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter where we went on Escape from Gringotts. I can’t even explain how amazing this ride is, it’s like a cross between a simulator and a rollercoaster and it’s so much fun! Next up was Men in Black – My family get so competitive with rides like this and I’m pleased to confirm I did beat my brothers score ūüėÄ We then headed to Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon – Don’t get me wrong this was an incredible ride, it was a simulator but my god, it made me feel so sick so I had my eyes closed for most of it aha. But what I managed to see was very good. Next up was The Mummy – I actually forgot how fast this rollercoaster was, but it was great fun … Not sure my brother really appreciated it though!

    The Mummy Ride at Universal Studios

    We managed to blitz through all of this before lunch, this is why I really recommend getting to the park for when it opens as you get so much more done! We stopped at Louie’s Italian Restaurant for lunch which is where we always seem to go! They do really good pizza and pasta.

    We took the afternoon slower. Starting off by having a wander around Diagon Alley, I picked up a really cool Harry Potter notebook and of course I had to get a chocolate frog! Then we headed to do the E.T. Ride followed by watching Terminator 2 which was honestly terrible haha.

    We headed back to the hotel by about 5pm to get ready to go out for dinner in the evening.

    Hope you enjoyed!

    Charlotte xx

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    ‘Why do you always go to Disney on holiday?’

    To all you Disney lovers out there – I’m sure you’ve also been asked this questions a number of times!

    ‘Why do you always go to Disney on holiday?’¬†

    ‘Don’t you think you should try somewhere new?’¬†

    ‘There’s so much more to the world than Disney, you should check some of it out?’¬†

    Does this sound familiar to you Disney fans?!

    I actually find it quite rude that people think they have the right to tell me where I should be going on holiday and what I should be spending my money on. I would never question someone as to why they went to Spain 2 years on the trot, so what’s the difference? I mean, I guess the main thing is that Disney World is expensive and I get that! But equally, if I can afford to go, then why shouldn’t I? I work hard for my money and I’ll spend it how I like.

    But the real question is why do I keep returning to Disney? 

    In a nutshell, it’s pretty simple – I JUST LOVE IT. Disney World is the one place that I feel truly happy. As soon as I step off that plane at Orlando International Airport it feels like all of my worries just disappear. Disney truly is a magical place which sounds so cliche but if you ever get to visit then you’ll know what I mean.

    But one of the main reasons why I keep returning is because Disney World is forever changing and expanding. I love to go and see the new rides that have been built and the new shows and attractions. People have the perception that I go and do exactly the same thing each time … But I don’t! There’s always something new to see and do which makes it so exciting.

    Everyone is entitled to do what they want for a holiday – and don’t get me wrong I love going to other places too! I’ve been lucky enough to visit places such as Majorca, Abu Dhabi, New York and San Francisco. I loved every one of these holidays, but it’s always Disney World that keeps drawing me back.¬†

    I guess that point of this post is that it’s ok if someone likes to keep going to the same place on holiday, just as it’s ok for people to travel somewhere new each year!

    Where’s your favourite place to go on holiday?¬†

    Charlotte xx




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    Skills I’ve learnt from blogging

    I’ve been blogging for 7 months now, and I’m proud to say that I’ve consistently posted for 7 months. When I began my blog I didn’t really know what I was doing. I would just string a few sentences together and snap a photo and post it. How wrong was I? Blogging definitely isn’t that simple.

    Over the past 7 months, I feel like I’ve gained so many skills. If it wasn’t for this blog I wouldn’t have this skill base. I think it’s crazy how something I love doing has managed to provide me with so much. I get so much enjoyment out of my blog, and it feels rewarding knowing I’m improving myself as I go.

    So what have I learnt?

    Photography – Now I’ll be honest, I did study photography at college but that was years ago. I had honestly forgotten just about everything I learnt. I’ve now fallen back in love with my DSLR camera and I’m enjoying improving my photography skills. When I compare my latest photos to some of the older ones; there’s a huge improvement!

    Self-promotion – This was definitely a scary one at first! I used to write posts, but I was too scared to promote them on twitter as I didn’t want people to think I was being big headed. Over the last 7 months, I’ve learnt that people are only going to read my posts if I promote them. I’ve learnt all about scheduling promotional tweets and the best times to do it to drive traffic to my blog.

    SEO – Well sort of, it still confuses me quite a lot haha! But I definitely know a lot more than I used to. Before I started my blog I had never even heard of SEO but now I’m learning to use it to improve my posts.

    Organisation – To be fair I’ve always been an organised person, but blogging has definitely improved my organisational skills. I use my bullet journal and notebook to plan everything out and make sure I get everything done on my blog that needs doing.

    Networking – I absolutely¬†love chatting with other bloggers. I love reading blog posts that people have written and commenting on what they’ve said. I also really enjoy joining in with Twitter chats and I find this networking to be fab for growing my audience.

    Writing – Writing is something I’ve always had a love-hate¬†relationship with. I LOVE writing, but I’ve never been that great at it. Creating my blog has definitely improved my writing skills. Now I’m no JK Rowling, but I’m proud of how much my writing has improved.

    Creativity – Not so much something I’ve learnt, more something I’ve fallen back in love with. I have a degree in Graphic Arts but since graduating I stopped doing anything creative and got a boring office job. My blog has allowed me to start being creative again and I feel like my skills are constantly developing. I honestly feel so much happier now I’m being creative again.

    What skills have you learnt from blogging? 

    Charlotte xx

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    Affordable blog photo props

    Blogging can be an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re clever about what you buy. A big thing that I’ve been focusing on recently is improving my photos. When I first started my blog I would just quickly snap a photo and “It would do”. I don’t really know why I had this attitude as I studied photography at college and I’ve always really enjoyed it. I think I was honestly just trying to write as many blog posts as quickly as I could as I hated the fact my blog had very little content when I first started.

    When I look back at old posts some of the photos are really bad! I kept seeing all these pretty photos on other peoples blogs and decided I wanted to work more on my photography. The big thing I felt I was missing out on was photo props. Below is one of the first photo’s I took. It just looks too plain and boring and there isn’t enough too it. (If we’re being honest, It’s terrible haha).

    I spent a fair bit of time looking through other peoples blog posts to see what type of thing they were using. Once I had a rough idea in my head of what I wanted to get I made a trip to The Range. I literally love The Range, they sell pretty much anything you could ever and want and it’s cheap. Each item I picked up cost under ¬£2.00 which I think is such a bargain. I really don’t see the point in spending a fortune when you don’t need to.

    Affordable blog prop photos

    Above is a photograph of lots of bits and pieces that I picked up. From the craft section I picked up the sparkly Christmas trees that are meant for card making. These are great for scattering around objects in photos. As we’re right on top of Christmas I got a fair few winter/ Christmas bits. I love the furcones and the holly leaves. I also picked up some pretty pink and white petals as well as some flowers.

    It’s so nice being able to add decorations into the background of photos and having items to scatter in between objects. My photo’s look so much prettier and have a lot more details. Below is one of my up to date photos using my new props.

    blog prop photos

    If you’re looking for ways to improve your photo’s I’d definitely recommend investing in some props to use. The Range is definitely a great place to go and I’d also recommend any local craft shops. If anyone has any other suggestions on where to buy photo props please leave them below!

    Charlotte xx