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    DIY felt Christmas cards

    **This post contains affiliate links**

    Every year I make Christmas cards and sell them to my family so they can send out special handmade cards to their friends. There’s always something so special about receiving a handmade gift or card. I usually start making my Christmas cards around September time so that I have lots of cards ready for the end of November. This year I’ve really been struggling with creative ideas; I feel like I’m in a creative rut and I’ve been finding it really frustrating trying to come up with new ideas.

    After a lot of thinking and getting frustrated I decided that maybe I was trying to overcomplicate my designs and I needed to think of a much simpler idea.

    I stripped everything back to basics and came up with these cute felt cards! 

    These were so easy to make so I thought I would share them in case anybody else fancied giving them a go.

    The cards are A7 in size (very small and cute) on brown card stock. I used felt to create the stocking and the Christmas pudding. I actually used a die-cut for the shapes, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t cut them by hand as they’re relatively easy shapes to cut.

    Here’s a link to the Stocking die cut and a link to the Christmas pudding die cut.

    To create the ‘Christmas Wishes’ sentiment I used a stamp with embossing powder. I actually stamped the sentiment on to white handmade paper which I had laying around. It has a rough texture and helps give the card more of a ‘handmade with love’ feel. You don’t have to use stamps though if you don’t own any. You could always print the sentiment and stick it on or by some sticker sentiments from your local craft shop.

    Despite being in a creative rut for what has seemed like months; I’m really pleased with how these cards have turned out.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Charlotte xx

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    Feeling inspired & getting things organised

    Do you ever get those phases where you just feel really inspired to create? That’s me right now and I’m living for it! Christmas is quickly approaching; before you know it it’ll be here and I’m really trying to get myself organised. As a lot of you know I handmake cards. I’ve been working on bulk making Christmas cards and it’s making me feel so festive and inspired. I’ve been using a lot of watercolour paints recently and I’ve been having so much fun experimenting with them. I’m really trying to push my self out of my comfort zone and try new creative techniques. Above is my latest card design, it’s super easy to make and also really quick to make which is a bonus for bulk making!

    Getting organised for 2019

    At the start of the year, I wrote out my goals for the year and one of them was to open my own Etsy shop. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened yet as I spent the first 6 months of the year renovating a house so I just didn’t have time. It’s been on my mind a lot recently and I really really want to make it happen next year. With that being said I’ve started coming up with ideas of what I want. Obviously, I want my shop to have handmade cards; but I’m also thinking possibly some prints and stickers etc as well. If you have any ideas of the sort of things you’d like to see then please let me know!

    I’m starting to work on the branding. I’ve spent the last week or so brainstorming name ideas and boy is it hard! I want a shop name that is catchy and short and I also don’t want it to relate to my name. I’m currently toying with the idea of Studio Five because I live at number 5 and work from the spare room in our house…. But I’m sure this will change a thousand times haha.

    I feel like this post is slightly random and all over the place but I’m just feeling inspired to create and achieve my goals and wanted to share it with you all!

    Hope you’re all doing well!

    Charlotte xx

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    Let’s stop Christmas cards becoming a dying tradition

    I remember as a child that my mum always used to spend a cold Saturday afternoon sat at the dining room table writing her Christmas cards to send. She had an address book with all of the people that she used to send cards to and would sit for hours and hours writing the cards out. In fact, my mum still does this now. Older generations (not trying to call my mum old haha) seem to still be really good at sending cards; but for younger generations, it’s definitely a dying tradition. I’m 26, I live with my boyfriend and every year around Christmas we receive hardly any cards. The mains one we receive are from family and very close friends.

    I actually think it’s really sad that people just don’t send cards any more. I’ve grown up in an era where technology has become huge. Facebook and Twitter have taken over. It seems that instead of sending cards people just write a Facebook status that says ‘Merry Christmas everyone’. This is by no means a personal way of wishing someone a Merry Christmas!

    I love going to my parent’s house at Christmas. The mantle piece and shelves are full of cards that they have been sent from family and friends. It makes the house feel so much more festive and cosy.

    We live in a world where communication is instant, but wouldn’t it be nice to keep things a little more traditional for Christmas and actually make an effort to send cards to friends and loved ones?

    I make handmade cards (as seen above) and I love doing it so much. I’m not saying you need to make your own cards to send; you can buy really nice ones that are reasonably priced from most shops around Christmas.

    I’m going to set you all a challenge this year to try and send at least 10 cards to different people…. And in the grand scheme of things 10 cards really isn’t a lot. You still have 2 and a half months to prepare a list of people to send to. Let’s try and stop Christmas cards from completely dying out.

    Happy card writing.

    Charlotte xx

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    20 bullet journal page ideas for Autumn/ Winter

    We’ve made it to September!! Isn’t it crazy that we’ve already had 8 months of the year? I actually find it quite scary where the time goes.

    I love Autumn and I find it a time of year where I really like to get myself organised. I sort of lost my way with my bullet journal recently so I thought that now would be the perfect time to get myself organised for Autumn and Winter and crack out the bullet journal again!

    I’ve been browsing though Pinterest a lot recently and looking at different ideas for page spreads. I thought I would share 20 page ideas with you in todays post that are perfect for Autumn and Winter.

    20 page ideas for Autumn/ Winter 
    • Favourite recipes for all of those hearty winter meals
    • A savings tracker (it’ll be Christmas before you know it)
    • Autumn themed mood board
    • Editorial Calendar to visually plan the rest of your year
    • 5 goals for the rest of the year
    • An ideas list for blog posts
    • Autumn bucket list
    • Winter bucket list
    • A list of movies to watch
    • Halloween costume ideas
    • Self care ideas
    • Your Christmas list
    • Christmas gifts to buy
    • Stocking filler ideas
    • Brain dump to write down anything and everything
    • Christmas craft ideas – You can check out my DIY Christmas tags here.
    • Write a list of your favourite 2018 memories
    • Write a list of things you want to achieve next year
    • Christmas day plan
    • A list of books to read

    Enjoy planning your bullet journal for Autumn and Winter!

    Charlotte xx



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    Card making techniques

    I’ve been card making for a few years now but I’ve rarely tried out different techniques. I’ve always loved my die cut machine and using stamps but other than that I haven’t tried much. I decided that I needed to start experimenting with new techniques so I did lots of research and watched some YouTube videos to decide where to take my card making next. 

    After many hours of YouTube, I decided that I wanted to try using stamps with watercolours, creating distress ink backgrounds and I wanted to give heat embossing a go. 

    The first thing I experimented with was using distress inks to create watercolour backgrounds and I love how it turned out. 

    I used watercolour paper and a mini ink blending tool to create the watercolour effect background with the distress inks that you can see above. I love the vibrancy of the colours; especially the pink and orange! 

    Next up I tried using stamps and colouring them with watercolour paint. This is something I’ve never tried before and found it a little tricky at first but I got the hang of it eventually. This cute little guy below was done with watercolours. I used a palette of watercolour paints and then used an aqua water brush pen to apply the colour. I really enjoyed using watercolour as it makes it easier for shading as well as blending colours. 

    The last technique I tried was using stamps with a versamark watermark stamp and then applying embossing powder on top. The watermark stamp is clear in colour and then the powder sticks over the top. I then used my Dovecraft heat tool to emboss the powder. I used a silver colour and you can see in the image below how shiny the powder went after the heat was applied! 

    I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with some new techniques and I’m excited to continue practising and making more cards!

    **This post contains affiliate links**

    Hope you enjoyed!

    Charlotte xx