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    Enamel Pins from the Old English Company

    I’ve always had a love of Pins … Well maybe not always, but ever since my first trip to Disney World when I was 9 I’ve loved collecting pins. I remember being so excited to get my lanyard and collect different pins as I walked around the Disney parks… My collection is ever growing and I currently display all of my pins on a pinboard. I’ve even worked on projects recently where I’ve been turning my pins into prints which you can read about here.

    I’ve noticed recently that pins are becoming more and more popular. You can get all sorts of pins from food, to words, to animals etc. I’ve recently been contacted by the Old English Company about their new range of enamel pins that they’re releasing. You can view the range here. I can’t get over how cute these pins are. Below are some of my favourites from their collection.

    Enamel Pins from the Old English Company

    Please note these images are taken from the English Company Website and are not my own images. 

    I particularly love the ‘Believe in Magic’ enamel pin. Of course, with my love of Disney, I love anything magical so this one definitely stood out to me… And who doesn’t love a good pizza?!

    The Old English Company are currently running a competition to win a set of Enamel Pins. The details of the competition can be found by clicking here. I’ve seen a lot of the Old English Company on my Twitter feed recently and they honestly have some of the nicest products on their website, so I’d definitely recommend entering the competition.

    Charlotte xx


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    Turn your Disney Pins into Disney Prints!

    I LOVE being creative. It’s my absolute favourite thing to do. I also LOVE Disney, so if I can combine creativity and Disney then that’s pretty cool.

    I’ve visited Disney World 8 times now and throughout these trips, I’ve built up quite the collection of Disney Pins. I keep all of my pins on a pinboard, but I wanted to think of something else I could do with them.

    And then came my idea of turning my Disney Pins into Disney prints….

    I have a bit of an obsession with buying prints to put on my wall. I love prints with quotes, Disney prints and anything inspirational. I decided to see if I could turn my pins into prints and it actually worked pretty well.

    I have a degree in Graphics so I still have Photoshop and all the fancy editing software which was very much needed to do this. I started off by taking a photo of the pin and ensuring to use a white background. I then used photoshop to cut around the edges of the pin and then I began to edit it. I’ve created the print so it has a slightly grainy effect to make it look more authentic and handmade. I then added ‘Hakuna Matata’ to tie everything together.

    I’m super happy with how this turned out and I’m definitely going to try it with some of my other pins. It still needs some work to improve it, but what I have so far is definitely a start.

    Hope you enjoyed!

    Charlotte xx


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    DIY – Quick and simple Christmas tags to make

    Christmas tags can cost a fortune, and when you have a lot of presents to wrap the cost of tags quickly adds up. This year I’ve tried making my own tags and I’ve had so much fun doing so. I went to The Range and picked up various bits and bobs to make them look pretty. There are so many fun and crafty things to choose from so you can honestly make them however you want.

    I personally love using glittery stickers and stamps! It gives the tags a real pop of colour and looks super festive!

    What you need:

    1- A pack of tags (You could also cut your own)

    2- An ink pad

    3- Some stamps

    4- Christmas stickers

    5- Twine

    What to do:

    I mean really this is completely up to you! I bought a pack of brown tags from The Range, I removed the brown twine that came with the tags and switched it to red and white. Much more festive!

    I bought a bunch of Christmas stickers to use for decoration. Some are glittery, some are wooden etc. I also picked up some festive stamps and a ‘To and From’ stamp. The stamps can be slightly more pricey but I see them as an investment. Once you’ve bought them they aren’t going to run out or go anywhere. I’ve bought stamp sets from Stampin Up in the past and you can also find some really lovely stamps on Etsy. You’ll also be able to pick them up from any craft shops and places like The Range.

    DIY Christmas tags

    The design choice is completely up to you! Have fun and get creative and see what you come up with!

    Charlotte xx

    DIY Christmas tags
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    Stampin’ Up Christmas card design

    Discovering Stampin’ Up was honestly the best thing to ever happen to my craft loving life! Although, it probably wasn’t so good for my bank account! haha. If you’ve never heard of Stampin’ Up you should definitely check out their website. They’re a craft website that sells all sorts of crafty things from paper, die cuts, stamps, ink etc. The quality of their products are amazing and I’d highly recommend them for anyone that likes craft things.

    It’s never too early for Christmas cards 

    Preparing early for Christmas is always key. I have various family members that buy their cards from me. This means I have to be organised to make sure everything is designed in time for Christmas. Today I’m sharing my latest card that I have made which I used the Merry Mice Stampin’ Up set for.

    How I made the card 

    I always like to create layers when I make cards as I find this the easiest way to work. I started off by picking the red card for my background colour which is always a winner for Christmas designs.

    The mouse was stamped on using my Merry Mice Stampin’ set and then I used my Pro Marker set to colour the stamp in. These pens are great as they come with a blender which I use to blend colours together to create a more professional finish.

    Using a gold strip of glitter card, I layered this behind the mouse cutout to start building the card and giving it more depth. Finally, I used a ‘Christmas Wishes’ Stamp that I bought from Etsy with gold ink and placed this in the corner of the card.

    I honestly love how cute the mouse is and find he’s perfect for putting on the front of Christmas cards. I love how all of the colours go well together, and the glitter paper adds the extra Christmas touch!

    Thanks for reading,

    Charlotte xx

    **This post may contain affiliate links**
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    Handmade celebration card | Die cutting and embossing

    Disclaimer **This post may contain affiliate links**

    My Gemini Die Cut machine is honestly one of the best gifts I have ever received. I love the detail it can cut and emboss and how professional the finish is.

    This card was so simple to make. I used a heart embossing folder to create the background, I then used my die cut machine to cut out the champagne glasses and the ‘congratulations’ wording. I love the contrast of the glitter paper against the white background. It adds a real pop of colour.

    Cards like this are so simple to make, and I’m so pleased with the finish!

    If you’re into card making and crafts I would 100% recommend buying a good quality die cutting machine as it makes such a difference to the quality that you create!


    Charlotte xx