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  • Blogging Tips

    Finding my blogging style

    I’ve almost been blogging for a year now and I feel like I’m really starting to find my way with my own style. Blogging is a really tricky thing, there are so many wonderful blogs out there, that it’s actually quite difficult to just do your own thing. A lot of blogs are very simple; plain white with a black logo… and I think these blogs look fab, but it’s not very me. I often feel like my blog logo looks odd compared to others but at the same time, I love it because it’s mine, it’s unique and it represents me really well. I like colour, but not too much colour and I think my logo represents this well.


    I think photography is a big one when it comes to finding your style within the blogging world. A lot of bloggers opt for perfect flat lays… Again, these look awesome, but it’s not very me. I feel like over the last few months I’ve really started to find my style with photography and I’m pleased with how my photos are turning out. Below are some examples of my photography, I think I’m really starting to build a theme and I love how the style looks.

    My goals and plans for 2018

    Using social media to increase blogging audience

    When I look back at some of my older photos when I first started out I actually cringe slightly haha. They’re so bad! I had no idea what I was doing and would just quickly snap a photo and ‘it would do’. Now I have a box of blog props and lots of patterned paper that I use to try and keep some consistency with my style. I actually wrote a post on affordable blog photo props that you may also find interesting.


    There are a lot of blogs out there. Travel blogs, beauty blogs, lifestyle blogs, food blogs … you name it and it probably exists. There’s always a debate about whether your blog should stick to just one niche. I personally don’t as I like to write about things that interest me and that’s a lot of things. I personally feel that some of the most popular blogs to read are beauty related but personally, I have no interest in writing content like that. I’m not big on trying new makeup and skin care. I have certain products that I love and I’ve used for years and I never really change much. For me having a beauty blog just wouldn’t work. If I had to describe my blog I would call it a creative lifestyle blog with a lot of Disney on the side! I honestly just write about things that I’m passionate about and that interests me. Maybe it’s not all interesting to other people, but I enjoy it and that’s all that really matters.

    Do you have any tips for finding your blogging style? 

    Charlotte xx


  • All things Disney

    Disney World trip day 5 – Magic Kingdom

    The Magic Kingdom is definitely my favourite park of the lot. We headed there on day 5 and it felt so good to be heading back to my favourite park. Arriving nice and early so that we could get a couple of rides done before the big queues hit; we got the monorail across from the car park which is always my preferred mode of transport. Day 5 was a super long day as we stayed late for Happily Ever After.

    What we got up to in the morning 

    First up we headed straight across to the Jungle Cruise, this ride always has crazy long queues throughout the day but we managed to walk straight on which was a bonus. We then headed over the Pirates of the Caribbean which is one of my mum’s favourite rides at the Magic Kingdom. Next up was our first fast pass of the day which was for my favourite ride; Splash Mountain! This has been my favourite ride for years and I still love it so much…

    Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-A, My oh my, what a wonderful day! 🙂 

    Splash mountain

    Next, we made the short walk across to Thunder Mountain which another one of my favourites at the Magic Kingdom, we also had a fast pass for this which meant no long queues. The Haunted Mansion was next on the list followed by a quick dash over to Space Mountain for our third fast pass.

    And in the afternoon 

    After stopping for a bite to eat we managed to get a fast pass for Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin. Staying in Tomorrowland we then did the Carousel of Progress and the People Mover before using our next fast pass for the Tomorrowland Speedway.

    After rushing around like madmen we decided to go and watch Mickey’s Philarmagic and have a sit-down. This show has a real place in my heart! I still remember the first time I watched it as a child and I was completely blown away by the graphics. After a little rest, we went a did Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid. What a lovely ride it was, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it as a fully grown adult haha.

    the voyage of the little mermaid

    We were all feeling pretty tired by this point so we headed to the railroad and went on a trip around the park. It was so much fun to just sit back and relax and take in the view. After a bit of chill out time, we headed over to It’s a Small World before heading for some dinner and getting a place for Happily Ever After.

    Where we ate 

    For lunch and dinner, we actually ate at Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe. Now I have no idea why we ate at the same place twice but we did haha. I, of course, opted for a kids meal! I had a burger for lunch and chicken nuggets for dinner. SO HEALTHY HAHA! We also stopped at the Mainstreet bakery during the day and I had a chocolate chip cookie!

    Happily Ever After 

    Words cannot even describe how incredible Happily Ever After was. I was practically in tears. Disney shows always hold a very special place in my heart and I know that this one will forever.

    Happily ever after

    Hope you enjoyed reading about day 5!

    Charlotte xx

  • Life Things

    Let’s get ready for Spring

    Surely the snow has gone?! Let’s all cross our fingers and hope it doesn’t return any time soon.

    We’ve finally made it to Spring after what has felt like the longest Winter ever… I always get this feeling at this time of year that I need to make some changes, have a big clear out and sort my life out. There’s something about warmer weather that makes me feel so much more motivated.

    Here’s how I like to get ready for the springtime: 

    Sort out my wardrobe

    This is on my to-do list over the next couple of weeks. I like to get rid of all the clothes that no longer fit me or that I no longer wear. I always try to be pretty harsh on myself as well and I don’t keep things for the sake of it. Once I’ve sorted everything out I always donate the bits that are in good condition to a local charity shop.

    Change up my haircare

    I find over time my hair gets used to the shampoo that I’m using and it never feels like it cleans my hair so well. I’ve recently started using the Garnier Ulitmate Blends Coconut Water & Aloe Vera shampoo. OH MY GOODNESS, it smells freakin amazing! The smell honestly just reminds me of summer and holidays and it makes me so damn happy. Also, it does an amazing job of washing my hair and keeping the moisture locked in.

    Exercise a little more 

    I bloody hate exercise. Well actually I like swimming but there was a fire at my local pool around 15 months ago and it still hasn’t re-opened!! So I had to get a gym membership instead 🙁 I’m not going to lie, I hate the gym. But I’m really trying to push myself to exercise a little more during the springtime. I have a holiday coming up in about 90 days and right now I ain’t really looking my best haha. If anyone can recommend an enjoyable exercise then please do?!


    I think that spring is the perfect time to sit and reflect and maybe make some goals going forward. I’ve been looking back over my Goals for 2018 and it’s good to see how I’m getting along. In fact, I may do an update post soon as to how my goals are going so far. By looking back and reflecting I’m then able to see what to do moving forward.

    How are you preparing for Spring this year? 

    Charlotte xx


  • Motivation and Goals

    My experience with Hypnotherapy to help with anxiety

    I’ve never really spoken about this on my blog before but anxiety is something I’ve suffered with for years now. I get easily anxious and stressed and recently it’s been particularly bad. The guy I sit next to at work is a trained hypnotherapist and we had been speaking about the idea of me having a session to see if it helped. For ages I put it off as I was scared, I guess it’s a fear of the unknown! Eventually, I decided that enough was enough and I would book in for a session…. and I’m so glad I did!

    What is hypnotherapy? 

    The best way that I can describe hypnotherapy (and I’m no expert!) is that it’s a way of making suggestions that your subconscious mind can act upon. You’re in a state of relaxation but you’re still 100% in control of what you’re doing. One thing to note if you’re considering hypnosis is that it’s not a magic cure and will really only work if you believe it will and you want it to work.

    I want to give a brief breakdown of how the session went so if anyone is considering hypnosis they have some idea of what to expect. I’m sure all sessions differ, but this is the mains points from my session.

    The session went a little something like this:

    • We started by talking about me and how I was feeling
    • We brainstormed words around how my anxiety made me feel and then we did a second brainstorm of what words I would like to use to replace the negative ones.
    • We then moved onto some fun activities so that I could see how the subconscious mind really works … I ended up with my hand stuck to a surface and also managed to move a pendulum around in circles whilst I thought I was holding it still! I really enjoyed these activities as it’s a great way to see how hypnosis actually works and it was a brilliant way to ease me into the session as I was very nervous.
    • Next up we started to focus on my anxiety. I took myself back to when I last felt really anxious and I could feel the tightness in my chest. We then did activities where I would give the feeling a colour and we ‘took it out’ of me (all by talking to my subconscious mind) and threw it across the room. The weirdest thing is that I could actually feel the tightness leave my chest! It actually felt kind of like magic.
    • Lastly, I was put into a relaxed state but I was still very in control of what I was doing. We went back and started to use the words that were brainstormed at the beginning of the session. My subconscious mind was being spoken to and I could actually feel the negative feelings being replaced with much more positive feelings. The feeling is honestly so strange but it’s so worth it.

    My thoughts on hypnotherapy: 

    I was really scared at first but I’m so glad I took the plunge and did it. I’m not saying that I’m 100% cured of anxiety because I’m not but I can definitely feel a difference in myself. The silly little things that I used to worry about don’t cause me anywhere near as much worry anymore. I feel genuinely more positive and it also feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I still get anxious from time to time but during the session, I was also taught ways to help deal with these anxieties and it’s such helpful tools to have. If you’re considering hypnotherapy I 100% recommend giving it a go. The worst that can happen is that it won’t work, but if it does work you’ll wish you had done it sooner.

    The hypnotherapist that my session was with: 

    Obviously, this is only helpful if you live in the same area as me. I’m based in Exeter, Devon and I saw Stuart Heale. He’s very professional and has a very calming manner which made the session relaxed and enjoyable. His website is here. You can also check out the testimonial page here and read about some of the success stories! The session lasted for an hour and I’m thinking of booking another session in. Now I know what to expect, I won’t feel so anxious so think I could really benefit from a second session.

    I hope you enjoyed this post, it’s very different to my usual content but I wanted to share my experience with you. If you have any questions please leave them below (or email me if you’d rather).

    Charlotte xx


  • Life Things

    The childhood tag!

    I thought I would do something a little different and fun today! Let’s be honest, our childhoods are definitely the best days of our lives. Our parents look after us, we didn’t have to pay for things, there was no boring work to go to every day and the list goes on. I stumbled across ‘The Childhood Tag’ and thought it would be super fun to do.

    Where did you grow up? 

    I’ve lived in Devon, England my whole life. In fact, I’ve actually lived in the same house for the whole 25 years and 10 months that I’ve been alive.

    Were you a good child? 

    Hahaha – Well I was ok I guess. I used to moan quite a lot and when I was very young my parents could never shut me up. But on the whole, I was a good child.

    What did you use to do in the summer? 

    My Grandparents had a Caravan on a site in Cornwall and we used to spend a lot of our summer at the caravan. We used to have so much fun. There was a swimming pool onsite so I spent most of my days swimming, and we use to go out to the beach and eat fish n chips.

    What is your happiest childhood memory? 

    Definitely all of the holidays that we did to Disney World. The first time I went I was 9 and then we’ve been multiple times since. Our grandparents also came with us and it was so magical and fun.

    What Job did you want to do when you got older?

    There were a few! I wanted to be a teacher, a dancer, a fashion designer and I think at one point I also wanted to be a nurse.

    Do you still have contact with your childhood friends? 

    Yes! I’m actually still really good friends with all of my childhood friends which is really cool.

    Favourite toy?

    I can’t really remember – but I did use to have a lot of dolls. Specifically Baby Born and Baby Annabel were my favourites!

    Favourite book? 

    I had a collection of Disney stories that I loved, I also had a book that had lots of bedtime stories. But my ultimate favourite was called Bernie Drives A Truck … I actually still have the book! (Featured in the picture above) 😀

    Favourite film? 

    101 Dalmations! I would watch it ALL the time.

    A favourite TV show?

    I had a lot haha. The main ones were Playdays, Fireman Sam, Brum and The Rugrats.

    Favourite subject at school? 

    I’ve always been very creative so loved Art and I’ve also always really enjoyed Maths… Weird I know!

    Hope you’ve all enjoyed reading and I would love to see other peoples answers to these questions! 

    Charlotte xx