Learn to knit – 5 Things you’ll need for beginner knitters

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So you want to learn to knit but you have absolutely no idea where to start? Starting a new hobby can be daunting when you don’t know what to do or if you’ll even enjoy it. The beauty with knitting is that it doesn’t cost a tonne of money to get started. No one wants to splash out a load of cash and then realise they don’t really enjoy the hobby and waste all that money!

I’m a creative person and love learning new things. I’ve decided that during 2020 I want to learn how to knit. I’m very lucky as Shaun’s mum loves to knit and she’s amazing at it. I asked her to get me a ‘knitting starter kit’ for Christmas as I had absolutely no idea what I needed. Now, I should probably mention here that I’m no expert in knitting at all, I’m a complete beginner! I wanted to start this blog series all about knitting to share my experience and knowledge that I pick up along my knitting journey. Of course, there’s a tonne of knitting blogs out there with a fountain of expert knowledge, but I sometimes find these a bit overwhelming as a complete beginner. So the idea is to make this as easy as possible to understand from one beginner to another. So if knitting is something you want to learn then keep reading.

5 things you’ll need to start knittingĀ 
1 – Knitting needles

There are so many types of knitting needles out there. The ones that I’m starting with is this set of *Bamboo Knitting Needles which are perfect for beginners. The kit includes 11 pairs of knitting needles in various sizes. Bamboo or wooden knitting needles are recommended for beginners as the stitches won’t slide off of the needles as easily as they do with other materials.

2- Yarn

The type of yarn you want will really depend on what you want to make. My first project is to make a set of baby booties, mittens and a hat. The yarn I’m using is Bo Peep Luxury Baby yarn by West Yorkshire Spinners. You can go to your local craft shop or wool shop and have a look and see what takes your fancy.

3- A pattern

Again, it’s entirely up to you what pattern you start with. The project I’ve started with is the Baby Booties, Mittens and Hat as mentioned above. This pattern is perfect for beginners as it’s not too complicated. It covers basic techniques such as casting on, knit, purl, ribbing and casting off. If you go to the Sproglet Kits website they have a section with video tutorials that are free to watch which shows you the basics techniques that you’ll need to know.

4- A row counter

This is honestly the most helpful thing that you attach to the end of your knitting needle. When you’re following a knitting pattern it may tell you to knit 20 rows. The *row counter allows you to turn a dial to show the number of rows that you’ve knitted. It’s easy to say ‘I’ll just count in my head’, but trust me you’ll 100% lose count and forget where you are!

5- Yarn Darners

*These are essentially just like sewing needles that have a long eye and are ideal for use with yarn. These will be used to sew up your knitting pattern at the end.

The last thing you’ll need is some scissors, but I’m sure most people already have some of these around the house.

I’m obviously very lucky in that I have someone who has helped me with the basics. You could always see if any relatives or friends know how to knit to show you the basics and get you started. But if not then don’t worry! There are plenty of free resources out there to teach you the basics. I would definitely recommend Sheep and Stitch where you’ll find video tutorials which are really easy to follow. There’s also plenty of videos of YouTube that will help.

I hope you’ve found this somewhat helpful and good luck if you’re just beginning on your knitting journey!

Charlotte xx



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