Big news, I’m engaged!

I still can’t believe that I’m writing this! But I’m engaged and I’m so excited. I’ve been with Shaun for 4 and a half years; we’ve bought a house together so really marriage is the next step for us. It’s funny how things can change so quickly because my last post was about how I was feeling stuck in a rut, but now I’m on cloud nine!

Shaun took me out for breakfast and then we went to Haldon Forest for a walk which is where he asked me. It was honestly perfect! Well apart from the weather, but the rain almost made it seem more perfect! You can’t beat the British weather!

We’ve already booked to go and view two venues and we’ve contacted the church about potential dates. I know that getting married in a church isn’t everyones cup of tea but it’s what we’ve always wanted. I’m so so excited about everything that’s to come. I’m a planner. I love to plan and organise and be creative. I’m already dreaming of all of those wedding DIY’s!

Hit me up with any blog posts/ Youtube videos about wedding planning because I’m in full research mode at the moment!


Charlotte xx






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  • Samantha Kay Photography

    Congratulations! Don’t worry about what other people think, it’s your day and if you’ve dreamed of that church wedding then absolutely go for it! Every wedding is different and, as I get to see a lot, i can tell you that church weddings are still beautiful! Good luck with your venue viewings!🎉 Sam x

    December 3, 2019 at 10:44 PM Reply
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