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October 2019

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    Take care of YOU this Autumn

    I’ve noticed this week as I’ve been getting into my car at 7am to drive to work that it’s dark. Thankfully, when I leave work at 5.30pm it’s still daylight, but that won’t be the case for many more weeks. The clocks will go back and we’ll find ourselves going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. Often, I find the lack of sunlight in the Autumn and Winter months pretty depressing. There’s always something nice about the summer months; you get home from work and still have hours of sunshine left to enjoy.

    I don’t know about you, but I always find myself focusing more on myself during the Autumn and Winter months. There’s something about dark nights that always screams hot baths, warming meals and candles. I’ve decided this Autumn I’m going to focus on myself and my wellbeing.

    Here are some ideas on how you can take care of yourself this Autumn

    • Make your house cosy – I’m talking fairy lights, candles, blankets etc. A cosy home makes getting home from work after a long day seem so inviting.
    • Eat well – There’s nothing I love more in the colder months than coming home from work to a yummy casserole that’s been in the slow cooker all day. Some of my favourite winter meals include: chilli, casseroles, cottage pie and roast dinners.
    • Find a hobby you enjoy – During the summer months we tend to be out a lot more but the colder weather can see us stuck inside more. Having a hobby will give you something to focus on. I personally enjoy making cards, writing my blog and lately I’ve been really enjoying reading.
    • Make plans – It’s easy to come home from work and put your PJ’s on and spend the evening infront of the TV. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s still good to get out. Book a meal at one of your favourite restaurants, go bowling with some friends or go to the cinema to see that movie you’ve been wanting to watch.

    How do you plan to take care of yourself this Autumn?

    Charlotte xx

    Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash