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Disney World 2019 recap

We’re back! After spending 2 amazing weeks in Disney World, it’s back to reality and back to work šŸ™

We flew out to Disney World on May 10th and returned May 24th 2019. It was my first time staying onsite at Disney World and it was my first time visiting and only going to the Disney Parks. Usually, we also go to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Kennedy Space Centre etc.

I thought I would do a recap post about how we found the Disney experience and how the holiday went.

Our ResortĀ 

We stayed at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside and it was absolutely stunning. We paid for a preferred room which I would definitely recommend. The resort is huge and being in a preferred room meant we were close to the food court and main bus stop which was really helpful. The room was huge, clean and tidy and perfect for what we needed. The only thing I would note is that our cleaner was rubbish and kept forgetting to leave us things like coffee cups. She would clear the old ones and then not replace them which became very frustrating! One of the main things we loved about the resort was being able to get a boat straight to Disney Springs. It took about 20 minutes and was such a relaxing way to start an evening at Springs. Overall we LOVED the resort and would happily go back.

The Dining PlanĀ 

When we booked our trip we qualified for the free quick service dining plan which was an added bonus. I’ve never done the dining plan before so this was something new for me. Overall I was really pleased with it, we had plenty of food and never went hungry … In fact, if we’re being honest it was probably too much food! I read loads of posts before going about getting the most out of the plan – ie don’t use a snack credit for a drink because it’s not the best value. We used snack credits for drinks and it worked for us. There was no way that between us we were going to eat 4 snacks in a day; the snacks are huge and can easily be shared. For us, it made sense to use snack credits for drinks as it meant we weren’t constantly paying for them. Having the dining plan worked perfectly as we were only going to the Disney parks and spent the whole time on Disney property. I think it saved us a lot of money! Would I ever pay for the dining plan? No, because we aren’t big eaters and it would be a waste of money, but if it’s free then that’s a bonus! Also, can we just talk about how amazing Blaze Pizza is? Honestly the best pizza I’ve ever eaten.

The parksĀ 

I mean what’s not to love about the Disney parks?! We had a blast, everything ran pretty much to plan with our Fast Passes and the wait times were never too bad. The longest wait we had the whole holiday was for Expedition Everest and that was about 45 minutes. We visited all 4 parks and the 2 water parks and we loved every second. The nighttime shows were as amazing as ever, especially Happily Ever After. That show is amazing!

The not so good bitĀ 

I got food poisoning and spent 3 days in bed! Not ideal when you’ve spent near to Ā£5000 for a holiday. I was slightly annoyed really because the food poisoning was picked up from Disney as I only ever ate at the parks/ hotel. I know these things some times can’t be helped but I would never put Disney and food poisoning together! Usually, their standards are so high. It cost me $336 in medical fees to see a doctor and get antibiotics, but I’m very thankful that the antibiotics worked! And after 3 days of rest, I was back out enjoying myself at the parks!

Overall we had an amazing time, obviously getting ill was really frustrating but I’m determined to not let that overtake the fantastic time we had. The dining plan was amazing, we loved the hotel and being in the Disney bubble for 2 weeks was magical.

Hope you enjoyed.

Charlotte xx


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  • Jenn

    I’m sorry that you got sick, but I am happy that your overall time was a good one! I never knew that Disney had a meal pass. I’m sure its expensive but if you got it for free that’s awesome!

    July 14, 2019 at 12:38 PM Reply
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