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How I save for Disney World

Disney World. The most magical place on earth; also one of the most expensive places on earth! Over the years I’ve learnt that Disney magic definitely comes at a price! My trip this year will be my 9th visit to Disney World. Of course, many of the trips I didn’t pay for as I was a child. However the last few I have paid for so I thought I would share my tips on how I save money to pay for Disney World.

Have two savings accounts 

Having two savings accounts makes it easier to distinguish what money can be used for holidays. I have one savings account that I transfer a certain amount of money to each month. This is used for general life things such as car MOT’s and buying a new hoover when one breaks. The second savings account I use as a holiday fund. Each month I’ll try and transfer some money into this account. Knowing that the account is to pay for holidays stops me from dipping into it to pay for other things.

Get a money savings jar 

Money saving jars that you can’t get into unless you smash it open are an amazing way to save money. Myself and Shaun have a cute Disney themed one that we put any 50p coins and £2.00 coins in. We don’t smash it open until its full and then we use the money for spending money for our holiday. Last time we smashed one open it had about £600 inside. It’s amazing how it adds up!

Don’t make unnecessary purchases 

A prime example of this is buying lunch at work. I NEVER buy lunch at work. Each night I make myself a packed lunch and have that as it’s much cheaper than constantly buying. An average meal deal usually costs around £3.50. If you buy that five times a week that’s £17.50 and over a month that comes to £70.00! Over a 12 month period that’s £840 that you could put towards a Disney holiday. Think before you buy!

Use loyalty cards 

Places such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s have points cards that you can build up points and use it to pay towards your food shopping. These points can build up pretty quickly if you’re always shopping in the same place. You’ll eventually get to the point where you have enough points to pay for half or all of your food shop for the week. The money that you save from paying for your shop via points can then be put into a savings account to go towards your holiday.

Do you have any tips on saving to go to Disney World? If you do then leave them in the comments below. 




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  • Angela

    This is a great post with some really useful (and doable!) tips. We find it much easier to save when it’s for a holiday so a dedicated savings account is a fab idea. I also do some of those paid online surveys to generate a bit of spending money. Last time we went to Orlando I did enough surveys to pay for our airport parking!

    February 2, 2019 at 10:52 AM Reply
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