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April 20, 2018

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    My plans for spring

    I am so happy that spring has finally arrived. I feel like I’ve been ill the whole of 2018 with the flu and colds and I’m hoping that the spring weather finally helps me to get a little better. There’s something about the springtime that makes me so happy. I always feel so hopeful for a nice long summer and there’s so much to look forward to. I thought I would share with you my plans for spring.


    My birthday is on May 14th and I’m going to be turning 26. I’m actually really excited for my birthday this year as I have the day off of work! Woohooo. I’m planning on going out for lunch with Shaun and also bowling has become a bit of a tradition on birthdays so I imagine we’ll do that too. My best friends birthday is also in May so we’re also a doing a joint birthday meal with all of our friends which will be super fun.


    As most of you know myself and Shaun are renovating our first home. We now actually have paint on the walls and it’s beginning to look so lovely. We’re hoping to be ready to move in by the end of May/ Beginning of June and I’m so excited. Our kitchen is being delivered at the end of April and our sofas are due to be arriving at the end of May!


    The weather is looking like its improving so I’m really hoping to fit in a family BBQ during spring. My parents birthdays are also both in May and we usually do a BBQ with the family to celebrate all of our birthdays.


    I feel really bittersweet about this but I need to start sorting out my bedroom and packing it up for when myself and Shaun move into our place. It honestly makes me feel quite sad as I feel like I’m packing up my childhood and moving on. But at the same time, I’m so excited to start a new chapter of my life with Shaun. I have a lot of stuff and packing up is going to be a nightmare so wish me luck haha!

    What are you planning to do during the springtime this year? 

    Charlotte xx