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February 2, 2018

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    Disney World trip Day 4 – Typhoon Lagoon & Disney Springs

    Day 4 – Typhoon Lagoon and Disney Springs!

    After 3 very busy days, we needed a rest day to relax and unwind before heading to the Magic Kingdom for day 5! The perfect way to do this was to head to a waterpark as it doesn’t involve so much walking around. We headed to Typhoon Lagoon for the day. The park doesn’t actually open until 10am meaning we could have a lie in which was fab. We arrived at the park when it opened and stayed until about 4pm.

    What we got up to 

    My first stop at Typhoon Lagoon is always the lazy river, it’s pure bliss just floating around in the lovely Florida sunshine! After some time relaxing in the lazy river we headed to Miss Adventure Falls which is relatively new so I was excited to try it out! We then headed for the Crush N Gusher which is probably my favourite ride at Typhoon Lagoon. I spent a lot of time in the pool, I like to sit on the edge of it and just enjoy the sunshine 😀 We also went on the Storm Slides and then spend loads more time floating around the lazy river!

    What we ate 

    We went to Leaning Palms for lunch which is where we’ve always eaten at Typhoon Lagoon. They serve your classic food such as burgers, sandwiches, wraps, chicken nuggets etc. I opted for chicken nuggets because nothing beats a Disney chicken nugget! 😀 We also purchased the refillable drinks to keep us going throughout the day.

    Disney Springs 

    Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs

    In the evening we headed to Disney Springs which I was super excited for. When I visited Disney in 2015 it was being renovated from what used to be Downtown Disney so I was really excited to see how different it was. I have to say they’ve done a damn good job! The place looks amazing and there’s so much to see and do. We had a mosey around the shops before heading to our dinner reservation at Planet Hollywood. I’ve been to Planet Hollywood before but it’s actually changed quite a lot and I was really impressed. The food was lovely and the lady serving us was fab!

    Hope you enjoyed, see you shortly for day 5!

    Charlotte xx