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December 29, 2017

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    What I got for Christmas | 2017

    I love reading peoples posts on what they got for Christmas. Not only am I just nosey, I also find it great inspiration for future present buying. So today I decided I would share what I got for Christmas.

    And just to set the record straight I’m not trying to boast about what I received … If you don’t like posts like this then please don’t read it.

    I feel like I was really spoilt this year. I’ve received so many wonderful gifts, I’m not going to share everything because that would be ridiculous, but I’ve picked out some of the main bits.

    First up I received this wonderful Beauty and the Beat Disney Ornament from Shaun. I absolutely LOVE it and it’s going to look perfect in our new home. Shaun also bought me tickets to see Aladdin on the West End which I can’t wait for. Keeping with the Disney theme I also received Beauty and the Beast on DVD, a Disney Cath Kidston Make up bag, a set of Disney Cath Kidston mugs and ‘The Disney Book’ which my brother has said will be perfect to keep on the coffee table in my new home.

    What I got for Christmas - Disney book and mug

    The main thing I asked for this year was a calligraphy set and some calligraphy books. I’m so excited to learn a new skill next year. I absolutely love arts and crafts and I know I’m going to have so much fun with this. I spend a lot of time making handmade cards and I think adding calligraphy to them will really add to the overall look of the card.

    What I got for Christmas - Calligraphy set

    Other gifts I received included candles, bath bombs, chocolate, gift vouchers and all the classic stocking fillers. Shaun and I also asked for bits for the house so we received a toaster, a kettle, a slow cooker and a saucepan set. I’m honestly so grateful for all of the things for the house as it’s going to save us so much money!

    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and received lots of lovely gifts!

    See you all in 2018!

    Charlotte xx