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December 26, 2017

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    Things I wish I did differently in 2017

    Now, I don’t want to sit here and write a super negative post about how things could have been different this year. At the end of the day, what has happened has happened and it can’t be changed. With that being said though, I think it’s good to look back and reflect as it may change the way you do things next year. On the whole, this year has been ok-ish, but there are certain things I would love to have done differently.

    Here’s what I wish I did differently 

    I wish I started this blog earlier in the year – I started charlotteshares in May 2017. I had wanted to start writing a blog for ages, but I was always scared of being judged. This blog has made me so happy during the 2nd half of 2017, so I really wish I had started it earlier.

    I regret not making more of an effort to get a new job – I’ve been unhappy in my job for well over a year now. At the start of 2017, I decided I needed a new job. I applied for a couple of things and had interviews but wasn’t successful in getting anything. I felt really disheartened and flat and just sort of gave up. As I’m now in the process of getting a mortgage, I’m pretty much stuck where I am until the mortgage has gone through and it sucks being this unhappy.

    Why did I not make more effort to see my friends? – Over the last couple of months I’ve reconnected with people I went to college with and it’s been great! We’ve been out for meals together and it’s been so lovely. I really wish I had made more of an effort with this through the whole of 2017. It’s definitely something I’m going to take forward to 2018.

    I wish I deleted my Facebook sooner – I was getting harassed on Facebook by someone. She would send me really nasty messages and was trying to break me and Shaun up. She very conveniently sent me a horrible message about 10 minutes after I found out my Nan had passed away. This completely tipped me over the edge. Not only was I trying to grieve the loss of my Nan, I was also trying to deal with her shit! My Nan passed away at the end of April, and in June I decided enough was enough and I deleted my Facebook. I was annoyed at first as I felt like I had cut myself off from my friends … But my god, my life has seriously improved now I don’t have Facebook making me feel shitty. If only I had done this years ago!!

    Is there anything you wish you did differently in 2017? 

    Charlotte xx