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November 28, 2017

  • My Bullet Journal

    Take a look inside my bullet journal | Page ideas

    A while back I wrote a post all about starting a bullet journal. I actually received a pretty good reaction to the post and various people said they’d like to see more bullet journal related posts. I’m mainly just setting up my bullet journal to use in 2018, but I have also used it for odd bits and pieces over the last few months.

    I’ve had so much fun designing my bullet journal, I love that I can make it my own and there are literally no restrictions. A lot of people use their bullet journal solely for planning their weeks and months. I’m trying to stretch mine beyond this and almost create a ‘little book of resources’ for myself as well as having space to plan my weeks.

    Take a look at some page ideas 

    Take a look inside my bullet journal

    Above is one of my double page spreads that I’ve created. The pages aren’t linked at all, but I only needed to use one page for each spread.

    On the left-hand side, I’ve created a list of meal ideas. These are some of the things that myself and Shaun often cook for tea once we get home from work. I always find deciding what to have for dinner a nightmare. This is so useful for those days where you just don’t know what to cook. I take a quick look through this and can always pick out something!

    On the right-hand side, I’ve created a list of all of the ‘Disney Classics’ movies. I’m such a sucker for Disney, I love it so much. As a child, I never really watched that many Disney films so I feel like I have A LOT of catching up to do. Once I’ve watched one of the movies I’m colouring the box in next to the title to keep track of where I am. I had so much fun creating this list and it just adds something a little extra and fun to my bullet journal.

    Inside my bullet journal. Presents to buy for Christmas

    Next up in my bullet journal is a festive spread! I find it really useful to have somewhere to write down who I need to buy Christmas presents for. Once I’ve bought the presents I’m then able to write next to the name what I bought. I went to the range and picked up some really fun Christmas washi tape, this definitely makes the page more festive!

    What is your favourite page spreads to put in your bullet journal? 

    Charlotte xx

    Inside my bullet journal