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November 17, 2017

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    My Christmas wish list | 2017

    Most years, Christmas rolls around and people ask me what I’d like as a gift … My response is always that I have no idea. Not this year though, I actually have some ideas and I’m feeling pretty damn organised.

    As you’re probably aware by now; I’m in the process of buying a house. I’ve always lived at home with my parents so this means I’m going to need to buy everything to kit out a home. I figured it would be really helpful to ask for some bits and bobs as it saves me from having to buy them.

    There are also some non-house related bits and bobs which I’m also hoping to receive.

    ***Disclaimer – I am by no means expecting to receive all of these gifts, they’re just ideas. This list has been sent to my family and Shaun’s family and I will greatly appreciate anything I receive. ***

    The things I would like for the house 

    – A kettle and toaster – Let’s be honest, every kitchen needs this!

    – A cutlery set

    – A slow cooker – I’m so excited for a slow cooker. I’ve wanted one for years, but have always said I’ll wait until I have my own place to buy one.

    – A saucepan set 

    As you can see, I’m opting for all bits and bobs for the kitchen. These can all be quite costly when you add them up. Spreading the cost amongst family members will be a massive help for myself and Shaun once the mortgage completes.

    The more ‘fun’ things on my list 

    We all need some fun presents for Christmas. I don’t just want to receive things for the house, so have made a list of things that I would like to receive.

    – A calligraphy set – I’ve wanted to learn calligraphy for a while now. I decided it would be the perfect gift to ask for this Christmas as it’ll give me something fun to focus on.

    – Creative Lettering and beyond – This is a book all about learning calligraphy. I’ve done a lot of research on calligraphy books and this one seems to come out on top!

    – Big Hero 6 – I watched this film for the first time earlier in the year and absolutely LOVED it.

    – Lush bubble bars – This is something my Nan has bought me for the last few years as a stocking filler. As some of you are aware she sadly passed away in April. Shaun’s mum has kindly volunteered herself to buy me some instead which I’m super grateful for!

    I’m feeling so excited for Christmas this year, it’s also kind of a strange feeling as it’ll be my last Christmas at home before I move out!! **scary adult moments haha**.

    What’s on your Christmas wish list this year? 

    Charlotte xx

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