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November 14, 2017

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    Tips to save money on your Disney World trip!

    Disney World is honestly my happy place. When I visit all of my problems seem to disappear and be replaced with pure magic and happiness… But it’s fair to say this comes at a cost. Disney World is VERY expensive!

    I live in the UK, so visiting Disney World is very pricey when you also consider the cost of flights! I’ve visited Disney World 8 times now. Over the years I’ve found certain ways to save some money and today I’m going to share these tips with you.


    Stay offsite – As much as I would love to stay onsite we’ve never done it as it’s just too expensive. Our favourite place to stay at is The Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando which can be found on International Drive. It’s around a 10-minute drive to Universal Studios/ Islands of Adventure and is about a 20-minute drive from the Disney Parks. International Drive is full of supermarkets and restaurants so you really have everything that you’ll need right on your doorstep.

    We also always choose to stay somewhere that has a fridge in the room. This will probably seem really weird but we pack a breakfast bowl and spoon in our cases, we go to a supermarket and buy some milk and cereal and that’s your breakfast sorted for your holiday. This probably seems ridiculously stingy and cheap. But my god it saves us SO much money.

    Eat cheap – You have an array of restaurants to pick from on International Drive. They don’t have to cost a fortune. Lot’s of places are buffet style and you pay a set fee and eat as much as you like. These are great as they’re often a much cheaper option. The hotel we stay at also has a shop that sells hot food. On days when we are super tired and done in after the park we will go and buy a pizza from the shop and sit in our room to eat it.

    Eating on a budget at Disney World

    At the parks 

    Take at least 1 bottle of drink with you – I’m not going to say to carry tonnes of bottles of water around to last you for the day because A) they’ll go warm and B) they’re heavy. But taking just 1 bottle of drink with you will keep you going for a few hours and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper to buy from a supermarket than it is to buy at the parks.

    Take some snacks – We always carry a bag of crisps and usually take some cookies as well as they won’t melt. Walking around all day can be really tiring and make you quite hungry. This is the perfect way to give yourself a boost and again is much cheaper than buying something in the park.

    Buy kids meals/ share adults meals – I find American food portions HUGE compared to the UK and I honestly just cannot eat that much food. I find a great way to save money is to order a kids meal as they’re so much cheaper but still fill me up. We also occasionally just buy 1 adults meal and share it between 2 people as it’s plenty of food to go around.

    Get your photo’s taken for free – last time I visited we actually had Disney Photopass as it came free with our tickets. However, I’ve never had this in the past. We always just speak to the Photopass Photographer nicely and they’re always willing to snap a photo of you with your own camera!

    I hope you found some of these tips helpful!

    Charlotte xx

    Tips to save money at Disney World