Festive things I’m excited for | Christmas is coming!

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Christmas has always been my favourite time of year. I love everything about it! Crisp winter days, hot chocolate, fairy lights, Christmas decorations, lot’s of food and spending time with loved ones. What’s not to love!

I always find the build-up to Christmas the most exciting part. There’s so much to see and do. So in today’s post, I’m going to spread a little Christmas cheer!

This is what I’m most excited for:  

1- Putting up the Christmas tree – This is always my favourite thing to do. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always spent a Saturday afternoon with my Dad putting up the tree. We listen to Christmas Music and drink hot drinks and it’s super festive and fun.

2- All the twinkly lights – I’m a sucker for fairy lights, I bloody love the things. There’s always twinkly lights everywhere you go at Christmas time and it makes me so happy.

3 – Christmas shopping – Christmas shopping; you either love it or hate it! Personally, I love it, I get so excited trying to find the perfect gift for someone… and let’s not forget the tea and cake breaks as you shop!

4 – Watching Christmas movies – There’s honestly nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket and hot chocolate and a good Christmas movie! Elf is my personal favourite.

5 – Christmas music – When we get near Christmas, my work always put the music channels on the TV’s so we can listen to some festive songs, it makes the day so much more enjoyable! I also love listening to Christmas songs when I’m at home.

6 – Festive baking – What can beat a bit of Christmas baking?! Most years I usually make Christmas shortbread, chocolate orange cheesecake and sausage pinwheels (I’m still not sure why I class pinwheels as being festive?! haha).

7 – Christmas with the family – We’re a very small family so every year we spend Christmas together. My mum cooks and all the family come over for presents and food. This year is going to be hard as my wonderful Nan is no longer with us. But we’ll still make the day as festive as possible. My Nan bloody loved Christmas so she’ll definitely want us to have lots of fun and enjoy ourselves.

8- Family games night – Around Christmas, we always have family games nights. We get out Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly etc and spend the evening playing games, listening to music and eating lots of food.

9 – Christmas Eve bowling – Ever since I was 5, every year on Christmas Eve I go bowling with my dad, brother, grandad and uncle. It’s a tradition that we’ve had for 20 years and it’s so much fun. This year Shaun is coming too, so it’ll be extra special that he gets to be part of our family tradition. As you can tell I get very much outnumbered by men! haha.

10 – Indulging in festive food – My mum does the most epic food shop near Christmas every year. It’s honestly the best thing ever. I mean it’s not healthy, but who cares?! Christmas should be a time to treat ourselves.

What are you most looking forward to during the festive season this year?! 

Charlotte xx


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  • Stephanie Hartley

    This is the first Christmas blog post I’ve read this year and it’s making me feel SO festive! I can’t wait to put my tree up next month

    Steph – http://www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    November 10, 2017 at 8:41 PM Reply
    • Charlotte Shares

      I’m so excited for Christmas that I couldn’t hold off on posting it until December haha! xx

      November 11, 2017 at 11:01 AM Reply
  • Jemma

    Im so so excited to put up our tree this year and do some festive baking! (Im terrible, but I love to try!). Also I just thought Id mention your social links at the very top right on your blog dont work for me lovely! – Just in case theres a problem I thought Id mention!


    November 11, 2017 at 9:58 AM Reply
    • Charlotte Shares

      Yeah I’m pretty terrible at festive baking too, but I always try!
      Thank you for mentioning this, I wasn’t aware! I’ll go and try to fix them haha 🙂 xxxx

      November 11, 2017 at 10:53 AM Reply
  • Hayley

    Last year I visited Winter Wonderland and am planning to go again this year!! I love spending the afternoon in London looking around the shops and lights and then having dinner and heading over to Winter Wonderland.

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

    November 11, 2017 at 3:52 PM Reply
  • Bexa

    This blog post has made me feel so festive Charlotte! 💕 Yes to all the twinkly lights and Christmas films. I love it all 😍 especially when the Christmas TV ads start coming on! Love, Bexa xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    November 12, 2017 at 12:08 PM Reply
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