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October 27, 2017

  • My Bullet Journal

    Starting a bullet journal

    I know I’m late to the party, but I’ve bought myself a bullet journal! I keep seeing them everywhere and decided it would fit in perfectly with my oh-so organised life.

    Notepads and lists have always been my go-to thing – So when I found out what a bullet journal was I got totally excited and bought one! I went for the Leuchtturm 1917 and also bought some coloured fine line pens to go with it.

    My plan for my bullet journal 

    2018 is creeping up on us really quickly. I’ve decided to prep my bullet journal to start using in 2018. I know everyone says that you can start using one at any time of the year, but I’d much rather start it in January. The bonus with this is that I can prep different page spread ideas now and it’ll be ready to go in January.

    I’ve read lots of peoples blog posts on bullet journal page spread ideas. If you have a blog post about one please leave the link below as I’d love to read it! I’ve also watched various Youtube videos and I’ve looked on Pinterest at different ideas. The great thing about a bullet journal is that you can make it work for you.

    My Page ideas 

    I’m only just starting out, so I’ve not got tonnes of pages yet but I thought I’d share what I have so far!

    • I’ve started out with a yearly overview calendar. I’ve highlighted peoples birthdays and I’ve also circled bank holidays. Opposite this page, I have my ‘birthdays’ spread where I’ve written who’s birthday it is and what date it is. I’m rubbish at remembering birthdays, so hopefully, this should help!

    Yearly overview and birthday spread in bullet journal

    • My next spread is for ‘house chores’ – I’m in the process of buying a house which I should hopefully be moving into early next year. This is the perfect spread to keep me organised with boring chores. I’ve got 52 columns; one for each week of the year. I’ll then be able to mark off each week once the chores are done. The chores I’ve listed include things such as laundry, wash bedding & towels, hoover, dust, clean the kitchen & bathroom etc.

    • My last spread that I’m going to share today is ‘my saving goals’ – I saw this post on Pinterest and loved it and decided I would use it for my bullet journal. I’m currently really good at saving money each month; once the house has gone through I know it’ll be more difficult to save. This will be the perfect way to keep track of my savings each month and know where I’m at. (The reason for the random fold is because I need an extra half page for my 52 weeks for my house chores haha) 

    I really enjoyed making this post and would certainly like to do more posts based on my bullet journal page spread ideas! If you have any ideas please leave them below 🙂

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    Charlotte xx