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October 24, 2017

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    My favourite shows to watch on Netflix

    Oh Netflix, how we all love you so much! Feeling ill? Watch Netflix. Feeling tired? Watch Netflix. You get the gist, we just love it!

    I’ve had Netflix for a good few years now and in this time I’ve watched many shows. I thought I would create a list of my favourite things to watch to help anyone that isn’t sure what to go for next!

    My top 5 series to watch: 

    1 – The killing

    2 – Pretty Little Liars

    3 – Gilmore Girls

    4 – Riverdale

    5 – 13 Reasons why

    Other shows I’ve loved: 

    • Orange is the new black
    • Luther
    • Friday night lights (sadly this has been taken off of Netflix)
    • Once upon a time
    • Stranger things
    • Prison Break

    What I’m currently watching: 

    I’m currently watching How to get away with murder … OMG, it’s amazing. I watched the first episode and wasn’t too sure but I decided to persevere with it. I’m so glad I did, it’s really gripping and there’s always something dramatic happening.

    My favourite shows are always thrillers, I love the suspense and I’m always so excited to get onto the next episode. What are your favourite shows on Netflix? I’d love to hear what everyone else is watching 🙂

    Charlotte xx

    My favourite shows to watch on Netflix