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October 20, 2017

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    Quick and easy homemade burger recipe

    I don’t do complicated cooking. Quick and easy to whip up when I get home from work has always been my favourite type of cooking. I recently tried out making burgers, but I did it the cheat way to make it even quicker and easier.

    Normally when you look at homemade burger recipes it includes eggs and onions and various seasoning. Nah … I can’t be bothered faffing around with that. Also, I hate onions so I don’t want them in my burger!


    • 500g mincemeat
    • 4 burger buns
    • a dash of oil (I use a couple of sprays of frylight)
    • Any filling of your choice.

    What you need to do 

    1 – Divide the mincemeat into 4 sections.

    2 – Roll a ball shape with each section and flatten it in your hand. It needs to be roughly 3 inches wide and just under 1 inch thick.

    3 – Heat the oil in the frying pan and place each burger into the pan. They take roughly 12 minutes to cook and you’ll need to flip them during cooking. Make sure you cut into the burger to check the meat is fully cooked before serving.

    4 – Place your burger into a bun and add any toppings that you fancy.

    And that’s it … Super quick and easy and really really tasty. I like to add a cheese slice as nothing beats a good cheeseburger!


    Charlotte xx

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