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October 17, 2017

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    Disney World Trip | July 2017 | Day 2 – Animal Kingdom

    Animal Kingdom 

    Day two was another early start for us. Today was Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We arrived for opening time so we could make the most out of the day! It was going to be a long day as we stayed for Rivers of Light in the evening.

    What we got up to 

    First stop was Dinosaur. This has always been one of my favourite rides at Disney! What was even better is there was no queue so we just walked straight on. Next, we headed across to Expedition Everest as we had a Fastpass … We actually broke down on this ride and it was terrifying haha. It was right after the part when you go backwards and end up inside and we were just stuck in darkness!

    We then headed on over to Kali River Rapids where we got soaked! It was actually really refreshing though as it was such a hot day. After getting soaked we went and did the Kilimanjaro Safari which we had a Fastpass for. I love seeing all of the animals and it’s also a great way to get some shade for a while haha.

    In the Afternoon we headed over to Pandora, The World of Avatar – It was mind-blowing. The scenery and the detail that Disney has put into this is magical. We had a Fastpass for the Na’vi River Journey. I could have stayed on this ride all day it was so magical.

    Later on, we also went to watch It’s Tough to be a Bug and then we went back on Dinosaur as it still had a fairly short queue. Then we headed to watch The Festival of The Lion King. We then stayed to watch Rivers of Light in the evening. I was sceptical about it as it had a lot of negative reviews but I thought it was visually incredible. I wouldn’t necessarily rush to watch it again but I’m glad we stayed for it.

    What we ate 

    For lunch, we headed across to Dinoland USA and ate at the Restaurantosaurus. It was just quick-serve food. I did my usual and got a kids meal as they fill me up and they’re cheaper. I went for Cheeseburger with Fries and it was severed to me in a bucket with a spade attached to it haha! … Every 25-year-olds dream!

    For dinner, we went to Yak n Yeti which I’ve heard so many people rave about so had to try it out. I went for the Honey Chicken with Sticky rice … it was honestly the nicest meal I’ve ever had at Disney.

    Photo Diaries

    Here’s the fun bit – The Photos!

    Disney Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro safari

    Disney's Festival of the Lion King

    Disney's Pandora World of Avatar

    Disney's River of light

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