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October 3, 2017

  • Motivation and Goals

    My goals for October – Let’s get organised!

    It’s that time of the month again, we all sit there and ask ourselves the question “where did September go? How is it October already?” – Yeah, I can totally relate! September flew by.

    My goals for September were very much focused on self-care and taking some time out for myself. I really enjoyed taking a back seat and relaxing. I spent the last week of September away with Shaun and it was so nice to have loads of chill out time and be able to relax.

    The plan for October 

    October is going to be a month focused on getting organised! I went to view a house last week and I’m in the process of sorting the sale of the house out with a solicitor. I’m trying to get the mortgage sorted as well. With all of this happening, I really need to stay on top of things this month.

    My Goals for the month  

    • Get on top of planning blog posts and sort out a schedule. – I’ve decided I want to have a schedule for uploading new posts. I think this will really help me with time management. At the moment I post as and when, but this really isn’t working for me. I’m an organised freak and like to have everything planned out for me.
    • Start thinking about Christmas presents. – This probably seems really early. The reality is once the house sale has gone through, I’m going to be poor!! I’ve set some money aside and I want to start making a list of how much I’m going to spend on people and ideas of what I can buy them.
    • Make lots of lists. – I love a good list! I want to start making lists of all the things I’m going to need to do with purchasing a house, what I’m going to need to buy and who I need to contact. Writing things down as a list always sets out a clearer picture in my head so I don’t get stressed with everything that needs doing.

    I’m keeping it pretty short this month with my goals. I know I’m going to be very busy. The best thing for me to do is focus on being organised and staying on top of things.

    What are your plans for the upcoming month?

    Charlotte xx