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September 9, 2017

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    Budget date night ideas

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    Myself and Shaun are big fans of having regular date nights. When we first met; 2 and a half years ago, we used to have date night once a week. This isn’t really realistic anymore, but we still try and have date night at least once a month. We like to try and keep it cheap, we’re about to buy a house and have been busy saving hard for the last couple of years. Cheap and affordable is definitely essential for us.

    Here are some of our favourite date night ideas:

    1 – Home cooked meal and a DVD 

    Eating out can be expensive, don’t get me wrong we still eat out occasionally, but cooking your own food can be just as tasty and fun. We’ll often pop to Tesco on a Friday night after work and grab something to cook. We often buy steak and then make home cooked chips. In total this costs about £6.00 which is much cheaper than going out for a steak dinner. Once we’ve finished eating we love to put our jammies on and curl up on the sofa with a good DVD.

    2 – Games night 

    We love having a games night from time to time. What’s better than re-living your childhood – Monopoly, Payday, The Game of Life, Connect 4, Scrabble, Cards … You get the idea. And what’s best is that it’s free.

    3 – Dinner at Bella Italia

    If you go on the Bella Italia website they nearly always have offers on. The main one we usually find is 40% off main meals. Their food is lovely and is such a bargain when you have a good voucher. We usually end up spending about £35 for both of us for a couple of drinks, a meal and a dessert which is such good value.

    4 – Use the gift cards you get given for Christmas/ birthdays 

    Every year we nearly always get given gift cards for the likes of Vue Cinema, Nando’s, Prezzo, Pizza Express etc. It’s so easy to just chuck the gift cards in your purse and forget they’re there. This year we’ve made a real effort to remember that we have the gift cards and use them. If you can save yourself even £10.00 on a meal out it all helps with keeping the cost down.

    5 – Go for a walk 

    It doesn’t have to just be date night, you can do things in the day as well. Often at the weekend myself and Shaun will go out for a walk and pop into a local cafe for some tea and cake. It’s lovely to spend quality time together without any distractions. We love going to the forrest for a walk. It’s so peaceful and we just stroll along at our own leisure and talk about life.

    These are some of our favourite date ideas. They’e cheap and affordable allowing us to spend quality time together without wasting a tonne of money. What are your favourite date night ideas?

    Charlotte xx