Holding a charity fundraiser | My experience + tips

Back in April my Nan developed a sudden illness, one minute she was fine and then she was seriously ill in hospital. Specialists flew in from Edinburgh to assess her as the condition was so rare. After a few weeks of care in hospital, my Nan was moved across to Hospiscare to live out her final days.

The staff as Hospiscare were incredible. They looked after my nan and made sure she wasn’t alone in her last moments. Not only that, they were also a huge support to my family.

My Nan loved to bake – The obvious thing to me was to hold a tea party at our house and invite close friends and family with all donations going to Hospiscare.

I’ve never held an event like this before, so I didn’t really know where to start. Below are some of my planning techniques for holding a successful charity fundraiser when you’re a complete beginner.

My planning techniques:

  • Think of numbers – How many people do you realistically think will come? Everyone loved my Nan, so we planned for between 40-50 people.
  • Make sure you send out invites – If people have something on a piece of paper, they’re much more likely to remember and actually turn up!
  • Where are you going to put everyone? Our house isn’t big enough to hold that number of people, but we do have a big-ish garden. We put 2 gazebos up in the garden so we could be outside even if the sun wasn’t shining.
  • How many people will donate cakes? People always want to help, you’ll get many people saying they’ll bake a cake and bring it over. Once you have a rough idea of who is bringing what, you can then work out roughly how many cakes you’ll need to make yourself.
  • Do you have enough chairs, tables, glasses, plates etc? We borrowed garden furniture from friends and family to make sure we had at least 40 chairs. I also bought some paper plates and got some pretty napkins to go on top of them. We used a hire company to borrow mugs and glasses as we don’t own enough.
  • Are you going to use decorations? We borrowed lots of bunting from friends and put this up around the house and garden – this really added to the tea party theme.

In total we raised £450 for Hospiscare, I’m so proud of this as it’s my first fundraiser and I also know my Nan would be extremely proud of me!

If you have any questions please leave them below! 🙂

Charlotte xx


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