Handmade 60th birthday card

I’ve always been creative; as a child I loved anything arts and craftsie! When I was 12 I started making handmade cards (obviously they were terrible as I was so young). Last year my boyfriend asked me to make a wedding card for his brother as he knew I loved creative things. This completely re-sparked my love of card making and I’ve been getting so much enjoyment out of it.

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive the Gemini Die Cut Machine – what a little gem this machine is! This has completely changed my card designs and taken them to a whole new level. This machine cuts and embosses such intricate detail. The finish looks professional and like something you would actually want to receive.

Below is a 60th Birthday Card that someone requested me to make … They paid for it and everything! 😀

I love the colours and the simplicity. The typeface used is called Learning Curve and can be downloaded for FREE from dafont.com. I discovered this typeface when I was doing my Graphic Design degree and I use it for so much!

Over the coming weeks I’ll share lots more of my card designs.

‘See ya real soon!

Charlotte xx


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